Are There Any EV Charging Stations at Caravan Parks?

We’re still battling through the winter months, but with spring just over the horizon, more and more caravan parks will be opening their gates for owners and renters alike. Whether you like to stay mainland or take a trip to the seaside, caravan parks are trusty destinations for couples and families of all kinds. But are there enough electric vehicle (EV) chargers to support them? As well as implementing EV event charging services and destination charging, we can also support caravan parks too.

Some caravan parks may have a couple of grid chargers connected around the site, but as more people go green and opt for an electric car, these simply won’t be enough. Each park will need at least one charger for five caravans, especially as we move into the future. Our EV chargers for rent provide a great alternative to grid connection with less disruption and minimal fuss.

Finding the Right Chargers

The electric vehicle revolution is upon us, so we need to ensure that there are enough chargers for electric cars, vans and other vehicles. Some grid chargers will only be compatible with certain EVs, and won’t provide a great service. At caravan sites, individuals from all walks of life that drive an array of cars will need catering for, and you cannot prioritise a select few. You need chargers that will fit all EV models, which is where our EV charging solutions come in.

Our portable EV chargers are tailored to all EV makes and models, and can be rented and deployed with ease. Grid chargers will need to be installed and can interfere with the existing grid, closing down driveways and roads leading to the caravans. As a site, you need to be fully operational during the spring and summer months, and you can’t afford to have any roads out of action. With rentable EV charging solutions, you can minimise this disruption. To discover more about our chargers, please visit us on our website here.

Portable Charging Solutions

Caravan parks are normally made of various roads leading to a row of caravans, all of which are interconnected. It wouldn’t make sense to just have EV charging points at, for instance, reception or near the entrance. They need to be readily available throughout the park so all EV drivers can access them without being too far away from their vehicles. Therefore, consider having one portable EV charger per row of caravans to start with, or one for every five, before increasing the number as the demand goes up.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we provide EV event charging services, as well as deploying our portable chargers to destinations across the UK. Caravan parks usually welcome drivers who have travelled a long distance; if they drive an EV, they will more than likely need a quick top-up, and won’t want to leave their vehicle at reception. Checking to see whether their destination has an EV charger will become commonplace for a few drivers, so they need to be accommodated sooner rather than later.

The Convenience of Temporary EV Charging

As previously mentioned, installing grid chargers can be quite disruptive and expensive. Although everyone will be using them in the next few decades, they can be quite obsolete if you opt for too many. Starting small is key, but you don’t want to keep shutting off roads and installing chargers each time. Therefore, temporary battery storage chargers are the best choice for providing a short term solution to a huge problem, and can be deployed throughout your caravan park.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we provide rentable EV chargers to events and destinations alike. Our EV event charging services cater to all kinds of small and large scale shows, from music festivals to sporting events. To find out more, or to receive a bespoke quote for your caravan park, please give us a call on 0800 702 2661. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form here.