How Can EV Charging Points Installation Benefit Businesses?

At Elite, we have spoken about EV charging points installation throughout the UK. Whether this is in commercial buildings or off-grid locations. And although certain governments are providing these chargers in locations, such as National Trust places, there is still a lack of charging infrastructure even in busy places. 

There are many benefits to EV charging at your workplace and it is why many businesses offer an EV charging point for their employees. However, much like the rest of the country, there are still not enough to meet the demand. Find out the main benefits of charging your vehicle at your workplace and how Elite EV Charge can help. 

Help Your Business and Employees Reach Net Zero Targets

As the UK continues to strive for greener solutions, many businesses have created net zero targets that they want to reach by a certain year. Over a third of the largest companies in the UK have pledged to become carbon neutral by 2050, including BT Group and Sainsbury’s.


So, including EV charging points installation within your company can help you join the ranks with some of the largest businesses. Your business will be featured in lists that state your eco-centric goals and how you are achieving this. This can encourage more customers to use your services that also want to focus on lowering their own carbon footprint.  

Get Your Business on Charging Maps

Especially for small businesses, it can be hard making your location known to your customers. Or, gain attention from the local community.


However, when a workplace installs EV charging points, they automatically will be added to apps such as ZapMap. This popular app is a source for EV drivers to find charging points near them that they can utilise. For businesses, they can then lend these chargers out to passersby. This can bring notice to the workplace and in exchange, an increase in their own services. 

Add Incentives to Employee Packages

When scanning for opportunities on job websites such as LinkedIn and Indeed, sometimes what stands out is the incentives that are offered to employees. Whether this includes the number of days that they have for holiday, duvet days or benefits for top sellers, it all results in happy employees and strong company culture.


And this is the same for EV drivers. If employers offer free charging points for their staff, this can improve morale and ensure that drivers are happy they will return to a fully charged vehicle. 


Also, as the government increases the number of fleet electric vehicles, charging points will surely make this process more efficient. With petrol or diesel cars, employees will be subject to a higher in kind tax for their company car. However, electric vehicles currently have a 2% benefit. This, alongside EV charging points installation, will help create green incentives throughout the workplace.  

Help Your Business in the Future

As we have previously mentioned, the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles is slowly approaching. After that deadline, there will be an increase in electric vehicle sales across the country. So, it is important to get ahead of the game now to ensure that your staff is not affected.

EV charging points installation prepares your business for the future, in which charging points will be more in demand than ever. Instead of having to wait in line at public charging stations, your employees can simply charge their vehicle as they park and return to a fully charged EV. 

EV Charger Installation

Here at Elite Electric Vehicle Charge, our team of experts provide and installs EV charger installation throughout the country. It shouldn’t matter that your journey is off-grid or in a remote location. EV drivers should always have access to the network and the ability to charge their vehicle wherever they are. That’s why you should consider our portable EV charging points installation service.

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