What Destinations Should Deploy More Portable Vehicle Chargers?

With COP26 currently taking place in Glasgow, countries from across the world seem to be united in their strides towards a carbon-neutral future. Pressure has been placed upon the Government to increase the speed of their plans since they revealed them last month, especially in their plans to deploy and install electric vehicle (EV) charging points. The country could certainly benefit from portable EV charging, and no more so than certain destinations and events…

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we’re dedicated to helping the UK meet its carbon-neutral goals, providing state-of-the-art battery storage chargers to locations where connecting to the grid is impractical or impossible. Unlike other EV charging companies in the UK, we provide a concierge service to our chargers, deploying them and taking them away at the end of your contract to avoid disruption and leaving a legacy behind. If you’re wondering whether your event could benefit from portable EV chargers, the answer is probably yes…

Portable EV Chargers at Annual Events

Events that occur once a year, such as musical festivals, air shows and circuses, won’t benefit from the installation of car chargers like service stations would do. They’re disruptive to install and cannot easily be removed, making them a nuisance when the event ends. They will also become obsolete, as they will only be used for that event. By opting for battery storage chargers, you can utilise the charging network to your advantage for as long as you need, and they can be taken away with ease.

Festivals such as Glastonbury have already taken the initiative to deploy portable EV charging stations, but more can be done to encourage more events to upgrade their sustainability pledges. Electric cars need places where they can top up and fully charge, and events that offer EV charging can attract a whole new audience. To find out more, please visit our event charging page here.

Public Car Parks

Car parks in places such as retail parks, motorway service stations and supermarkets could seriously benefit from battery storage chargers, allowing them to reduce the disruption caused by installing chargers to the grid. In Glasgow, supermarket EV chargers are growing in abundance, allowing EV owners to charge as they shop. Portable EV chargers can not only provide significant electric car charging, but they can even convince drivers to go electric as they become more aware of the number of chargers in their vicinity.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we’re doing more than just providing charge to EV drivers across the country and at events. We hope to convince all drivers to make the switch to a greener car, providing more charging options and decreasing range anxiety. To find your nearest charger, you can use Zap Map to make your journeys less stressful.

Sports Events

Football games, rugby matches and even the upcoming Birmingham Commonwealth Games need to provide chargers for guests and athletes alike. More people are driving an EV than ever before, and we need to make provisions in order to help the country meet its carbon-neutral goals. At the recent COP26, there was an ironic lack of EV charging points at the event despite the discussions surrounding climate change. By providing battery storage to arenas, we can make up for a lack of grid chargers, as no rush installation is needed.

If you need EV charging for your event, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by calling 0800 702 2661. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form here.