Elite Electric Share Their Favourite Podcasts

Every aspect of electric vehicles, especially a good podcast, is something we at Elite Electric Vehicle Charging are major fans of. We have therefore created a collection of some of our favourites! If you enjoy everything electric, you will surely enjoy these podcasts. They discuss the latest news, updates, and opinions – keeping you in the loop of the world of EV. You can listen to these on the way to work, at the gym, or even walking your dog. 

1. Quick Charge

Every Monday through Friday, the Quick Charge Podcast recaps the biggest green energy articles and brings you the most recent news regarding Tesla and E-bikes. The podcast discusses topics such as Tesla clearing another 170 acres of forest, Tesla Powerwall powering 44,000 homes in Puerto Rico, and what electric vehicle is the best-selling in Europe. 

2. The Fully Charged Show Podcast

Filled with intriguing stories, breaking news, and lots of wit. Some YouTube outtakes as well as a few guests who are knowledgeable on EVs, renewable energy, and sustainability. The Fully Charged Podcast aims to provide electric vehicle drivers with the most welcoming charging experience, as they share their insights and perspectives on this fast growing industry.

3. The Driven Podcast

Giles Parkinson, the publisher and founder of RenewEconomy, is joined by special speakers to discuss recent news and advances pertaining to electric vehicles and transportation on The Driven Podcast. Discussing topics such as range anxiety, EV charging, and the future of electric bikes. They are posted frequently, providing content every week!

4. EV Resource

EV Resource is your go-to source for news regarding electric vehicles, facts, and solutions to your burning inquiries. Conducting occasional interviews with officials and leaders in the EV community as well. Scott Case, the Co-Founder and CEO of Recurrent Auto, and Rue Phillips, an EV Industry Expert, are just a few examples of who they have interviewed. 

5. CleanTech Talk

Zach Shahan and Mike Barnard of CleanTechnica talk with leaders in the industry, leading scientists, and financial experts about the latest developments in solar energy, battery storage, climate change, artificial intelligence (AI), electric vehicles (EV), and other cleantech topics. This is one of Elite Electric Vehicle’s favourites!

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