EV Charging Behaviours; How Have They Changed?

When the idea of purchasing an electric car started to gather momentum, a lot of people had questions that needed answering. Range, the accessibility of charging points and fast charging times were all topics that were raised quite frequently, and many electric vehicle (EV) drivers adopted habits much like internal combustion engine (ICE) drivers have. EV charging stations can be hard to find in off the grid areas, which can have a big ripple effect in drivers’ behaviours and attitudes towards EV driving…

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we provide mobile EV charging to off-grid destinations and events alike. Rapid charging and public charge points may be easy to find in cities and towns, but more rural areas are left out in cold. This could lead to unhelpful behaviours developing in drivers, which may in turn be contributing to the fears ICE vehicle drivers have…

The Effects of Range Anxiety

Many EV drivers worry about not finding a charging station on time, so often charge up their car before it needs it. A study by Tritium found that, on average, EV’s have around 34% of battery left when people decide to charge up at a rapid charger port. This is much earlier than when those with ICE vehicles decide to fuel up, hinting that range anxiety is still an issue. 

Many people who travel to events such as music festivals will ensure they’re fully filled up before setting off, but even if they do seem to be running out, they can be safe in the knowledge that there’s bound to be a petrol station on their journey. EV drivers don’t have this peace of mind, which can deter them from making the trip. Our mobile EV chargers are perfect for festivals and various events alike, decreasing this anxiety and providing more EV drivers with the incentive to visit.

What are Charging Stations Lacking?

In their study, Tritium also found that EV charging stations don’t really get used when there’s “nothing to do.” This means that charging stations placed in locations such as retail parks or restaurants tend to attract more custom than those in more obscure areas. To fully charge an EV, it can take time, and people are less likely to leave their car somewhere for a long time with nowhere for them to explore.

Therefore, charging stations need to have more opportunities for people to get out of their cars and keep themselves busy whilst their car charges. Individuals are much more likely to let their cars have a full charge if they’re being kept occupied, as many may become impatient, and leave before the car is charged. Our mobile chargers can be deployed in areas where connecting to the grid may not be possible, allowing drivers to charge at their convenience.  

Advancements in Technology

With more changes to the EV charging network and landscape comes more incentives to drive an electric car. As human beings, we can be quite impatient, and we don’t like waiting around for our cars to charge. Therefore, more ‘ultra-rapid’ chargers have been developed to enable drivers to get 350kms of range in just 10 minutes.

Our battery storage technology means we can enable drivers to charge their vehicles, no matter where they are in the country. From destination chargers to events, our chargers don’t need to connect to the grid, and can provide drivers with a full charge that decreases range anxiety and encourages more people to go green. To find out more, or to enquire about our services, please get in touch by calling 0800 702 2661. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form