Football Season Has Started – But Sustainability Has Yet to Score

As a nation, we’ve all missed our weekly dose of football. Now that fans are being allowed to watch their beloved team play live, stadiums are welcoming everyone back in full force. However, things have changed this past year, and we’ve all become more aware of the impact we’re having upon the environment. So, how can football stadiums contribute to greener living? With more electric vehicle (EV) charging companies joining forces with big events and festivals, it’s time to consider making the beautiful game that bit better.

For some, connecting to the grid is either impossible or too expensive, meaning it isn’t a viable option for a lot of clubs. By deploying our battery storage chargers, we can help accommodate EV drivers who worry about the range their car has. We can help football clubs reach their sustainability goals, one charger at a time…

Making Stadiums Eco-Friendly

More football stadiums across the country are becoming eco-friendlier, adopting carbon-neutral alternatives to harmful practices. Forest Green Rovers have become “one of the greenest football clubs in the world,” adopting all-vegan food, as well as installing solar panels and installing EV charging points. They’re also recognised as carbon-neutral by the United Nations. More football clubs need to take a leaf out of Forest Green Rovers’ book, especially with more and more people making the trips to the grounds.

EV chargers are a great way to introduce eco-living to your stadium. Portable EV chargers are a great charging option for locations where connecting to the grid isn’t practical, and can leave away fans electric cars fully charged as spectators watch their club play. Charging points can be found on Zap Map, but if they’re already at the ground, there’s no mad rush to find a suitable charger.

Deploying Battery Storage Chargers

EV charging costs are much lower than those of a petrol or diesel car, this we know for certain. Not only can EV chargers help both home and away fans keep their car fully charged, but they can encourage others to go electric too. By deploying these chargers in the car parks, fans don’t have to worry about running out of power on the way home, as their topped-up car will be waiting patiently for them.

EV charging companies are already pleading their case with big event holders and festivals alike, demonstrating the much-needed service these chargers can bring. People travel all around the country following their team, displaying loyalty and passion wherever they go. By providing the fans that drive EV cars with a place to park without the impending range anxiety can put them at ease, allowing them to enjoy the game stress-free (unless, of course, their team is losing).

EV Charging Companies

68% of people travel to a football match by car, leading to excess carbon emissions being pumped into the air. Top tier football, such as the premier league and championship, are the biggest culprits due to the sheer amount of people attending. Transport contributes heavily to our greenhouse gases as a whole, and situations drastically need to change.

Here at Elite EV Charge, we can deploy our battery storage chargers to football stadiums, events and music festivals alike, providing a concierge service to ensure your chargers are working as optimally as possible. If you would like to find out more or to receive a quote, please give us a call on 0800 702 2261. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form.


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