How Are EV Drivers Impacted By The MOT Law Change?

As of 2023, the UK’s Ministry of Transport (MOT) has implemented a new law change that affects electric vehicle (EV) drivers. The main change is that EV’s will now be required to undergo an annual MOT test, just like traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles. We will examine all the changes and their effects on EV drivers in this article.

How Are EV Drivers Impacted By The Law Change?

This change may come as a surprise to many EV drivers, as previously they were exempt from needing to have an MOT. The reasoning behind this change is to ensure that EV’s are safe to drive on the roads, and that they are not emitting harmful pollutants. This change is also in line with the UK government’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting the use of clean energy vehicles.

One of the main impacts of this law change on EV drivers is that they will now need to budget for the cost of an annual MOT test. The cost of an MOT test can vary depending on the location and the type of vehicle, but on average it can cost between £40 and £50. This may not seem like a significant cost, but when factored in with the cost of charging and maintaining an EV, it can add up over time.

Another impact of the law change is that EV drivers will now need to plan ahead and schedule their MOT test in advance. Unlike traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles, EV’s require specialised equipment and technicians to perform an MOT test. As a result, EV drivers may need to book their test well in advance to ensure that they can get a convenient appointment time. This can be a significant inconvenience for EV drivers, as it may disrupt their daily routine.

Benefits Of The MOT Law Change For EV Drivers

Despite these negative impacts, the new MOT law change does have some benefits for EV drivers. One of the main benefits is that it will help to ensure the safety of EV’s on the road. The MOT test will check for any issues with the vehicle’s battery, charging system, and brakes, which can help to prevent accidents and breakdowns. Additionally, the MOT test will also check for any emissions, which will help to ensure that EV’s are not polluting the environment.

Another benefit of the new MOT law change is that it will help to increase the resale value of EV’s. A vehicle with a current and valid MOT certificate is more attractive to potential buyers, as it shows that the vehicle has been properly maintained and is safe to drive. This can be especially important for EV’s, as they are a relatively new technology and potential buyers may be hesitant to purchase a used EV without a valid MOT certificate.

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