How Portable EV Charging Can Aid UK Road Trips

When flights were grounded in the UK during the pandemic, more and more people took to road trips to satisfy the explorer within them. whether they were coastal getaways or more scenic trips through our national parks, taking a road trip with our families or friends was a great way to pass the time and get away from it all. Even though we can all go abroad (right now, that is), road trips are still a popular option. With the summer months coming up, can the electric vehicle (EV) grid support drivers? And will destination and event EV charging be enough?

Taking a road trip in an electric car, at the moment, might not be the best idea for some people. Range anxiety still persists, and there is still the worry that there aren’t enough grid chargers, despite the fact that there are now more EV charging stations than petrol stations. Portable electric vehicle charging stations can support the EV industry greatly, providing more charging points in off-grid locations. This allows non-EV drivers to consider the benefits, of increasing sales and combatting climate change…

Fewer Detours, More Fun

If someone was to choose to take a road trip this summer, they’d be spoilt for choice. The UK is home to some great sights, all of which can be found along various roads and motorways. The Lake District, the Scottish North Coast and Cheddar Gorge are all locations that prove idyllic for road trips, but are there enough charging points for EV drivers? Zap-Map currently says otherwise. EV chargers in the Scottish Highlands and North Pennines are scarce, so whether you’re just passing through or visiting, you need to make sure your car is fully charged.

When taking a trip across the UK in an electric car, detours often have to be made to find a charger. This can take precious time away from the actual trip, leaving everyone frustrated and anxious. By deploying more portable EV chargers to off-grid and remote locations, tourists and day-trippers alike will have a chance to charge their vehicles without making time-wasting detours.

No Need to Worry About Range

One big factor that puts drivers off opting for an EV, and something that deters EV drivers from travelling long distances, is range anxiety. Many people worry that there won’t be a charger close for them to charge their battery to full capacity, leaving them stranded. Their fears may not be irrational if they’re going to a remote location, which is why mobile EV chargers could be a godsend. If the trip involves an event, such as a music festival, event EV charging can help guests charge their car and get home safely.

Although most electric cars don’t have the same range as their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts, they still possess hundreds of miles before they need charging. This is plenty to get a city dweller into the more scenic views of the countryside or the national parks, but once they arrive, they’ll need to charge. Our portable EV chargers here at Elite are battery-powered, providing an effective alternative to grid connection. We also provide a concierge service, ensuring your charging points are always working optimally; something that can often be a struggle for grid chargers.

Encouraging the EV Surge: How Destination and Event EV Charging Can Help

A UK road trip is on many people’s agenda’s this year. To get away from everything without venturing abroad is a great idea for anyone, and you can explore places you’ve never even visited that are right on your doorstep. By promoting portable chargers for EV drivers, there are no issues to discuss with range or the lack of chargers, as EVs will be able to cope just as well as ICE vehicles would. This can encourage more people to opt for an EV, as they are more sustainable; the only thing holding most people back is range, which won’t be a problem with our mobile EV chargers.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we’re dedicated to helping the planet fight climate change, one charger at a time. To find out more, or to see how you can implement business, destination or event EV charging to support drivers on their road trips, please give us a call on 0800 702 2661. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form here.