How to Make Electric Vehicle Charging More Accessible

For as long as electric vehicle (EV) charging points have been around, there has always been an accessibility issue. ZapMap have recently released a poll highlighting the best vehicle charging point providers in the UK, all of which are grid chargers and won’t be available in certain locations. Tesla only provides chargers for their own cars, and don’t make provisions for the countless other EVs out there. We have spoken previously about grid chargers and their accessibility in larger towns and cities, but what about off-grid event and destination charging?

We need to ensure we accommodate all EV drivers when it comes to charging; more people than ever before are turning to an EV, but some people are still put off due to range anxiety. Portable EV charging can be deployed across the country, even in remote locations. This visibility can help drivers see more benefits than disadvantages to EVs, ensuring the surge is on its way to the 2030 deadline.

Make Chargers Available to All Drivers

As previously mentioned, providers such as Tesla will only supply a charge to Tesla vehicles, leaving other cars out in the cold. There should be an abundance of chargers out there that suit all cars in order to make EV drivers feel more comfortable. Although there are more EV charging points than petrol stations nowadays, people still feel like there is a lack. This is down to the fact that grid chargers are not accessible in off-grid locations, so they all cluster into a certain area. By deploying portable vehicle charging points, we can make provisions for everyone.

Our mobile EV chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging can fit all electric vehicle models, providing charge to every single EV driver and decreasing their range anxiety. Our chargers are popular alternatives for off-grid destination charging and annual events alike, providing charge where it wouldn’t always be obviously apparent. By making electric vehicle charging points more accessible, we can encourage more people to visit these destinations and events, as well as promote the benefits of EV driving. 

Portable vs. Grid Chargers

Grid chargers are a popular option because they’re more permanent. They can help in circumstances where they’re needed constantly, such as in public car parks and even at home if you have to street park. However, because they aren’t the most practical option for some places and events, EV charging isn’t considered at all. Battery storage chargers, or portable EV chargers can fill a gap easily. If businesses want to install chargers, but don’t want to waste money on installing too many, they can rent a few at a time to test the waters and decide how many they need. They can also boost your sustainability credentials, and attract a whole new demographic of people.

Grid chargers can also succumb to issues such as power cuts and shortages; it has already been contemplated that the grid cannot cope with the sheer amount of chargers that will be needed soon. Therefore, portable chargers can fill a gap, allowing people to top up their batteries as quickly as possible. Our chargers can be deployed to destinations and events with ease, and we even provide a concierge service to ensure your chargers are working as optimally as possible. You can find out more about our services here.

Solving the Grid Charger Conundrum

As we’ve said, although the grid claims it is prepared for the surge of people needing to connect to the grid, there are still worries that exist. Grid chargers, once they stop working, will need to be reconnected and an engineer will need to solve the issue, which can cause disruptions. Issues can also pop up when grid chargers are being installed, as they can shut down entire roads for extended periods of time. Portable chargers can simply be deployed, and that’s that. No mess, no fuss. Just a whole fleet of chargers at your disposal.

If you would like to find out more about the accessibility of our chargers, or to receive a bespoke quote, please visit us here.