North v South: How Portable EV Charging Could Affect the Divide

What is the Divide?

The number of public EV chargers increased by 37% in 2021, adding to the government and the Prime Minister’s agenda of a greener and more carbon-free planet. It is clear, with the ban on new fossil-fuelled vehicles in 2030, that officials are pushing for more electric cars on the road. The new Gigafactory and more portable EV charging solutions have made this idea simpler and more accessible.

However, for Southern drivers, it has been concluded that they are paying more for charging at public stations than those in the North. On average, it costs 28p more to use in the South, than in Wales and areas of the North such as Manchester. There are more available charging points in the South, particularly in London, however, they are having to pay more for these.

There are alternatives for EV drivers than going to an electric vehicle charging station.

Free EV Charging

Currently, there are 21 councils around the UK where there is no charge to power electric vehicles; using council-owned public chargers. These include major cities such as Leeds and Woking.

Free charging points are also available at locations such as supermarkets and shopping centres. Make sure you check the terms for these though. Many are only free for the first 15 minutes or expect you to have made a purchase in-store. Fully clarify these conditions before plugging in your vehicle.

Home EV Chargers

There are benefits to installing home EV chargers. It means you don’t have to queue at charging stations, waiting on drivers before you fully charge their vehicle. This could take hours when all you have is minutes. However, by having a home charger, you dictate when you charge your vehicle. This could be when you get in after work, or before you leave in the morning. The choice is yours.

However, there are some downsides. Home EV chargers potentially overpower and disrupt the local grid. Alternative portable EV charging should be considered.

Destination Charging

Destination charging is a great and affordable way to make sure your electric vehicle is fully charged before and during journeys. Setting up charging points allows a driver to take control of where they recharge.

You don’t need to stress or have ‘range anxiety’ about running out of power off-grid. Typically, chargers are based in popular locations, such as cities and large towns. But what if you want to take the scenic route? Portable EV charging solutions make off-grid charging possible and practical.

Our Services

At Elite EV Charge, we offer temporary and permanent portable EV charging solutions for electric vehicles across the UK. We focus on offering portable charging opportunities for EV drivers to set up their own points wherever and whenever they want.

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