How Portable Charging Can Help the Commonwealth Games Win Gold

The 2022 Commonwealth Games are just under a year away, and are held in our very own Midlands capital, Birmingham. The eyes of the sporting world will be firmly placed upon the amazing athletes and coaching teams, as well as the city and its efforts. Although preparations have been made to show what Birmingham has to offer, there are still subtle yet influential differences we could implement to make a lasting impact globally, starting with the deployment of portable electric vehicle charging stations.

Leaving a legacy and connecting to the grid can be time-consuming and highly disruptive, especially for one-off events like the Commonwealth Games. Battery storage chargers can be rented for as long as they’re needed, providing sufficient charge for visitors throughout their stay. Once over, the chargers can be removed, leaving no visible trace of their presence. However, the lasting impact they have on the world’s attitude to EV charging could be significant, boosting not only the event’s green reputation, but the country’s too…

Tackling Transport Emissions

The transport sector is the biggest contributor to CO2 emissions and has been on a steady rise since the 1990s. In comparison to other sectors, such as residential properties who have found the benefit of solar panels, electric vehicles have only just begun to take shape as a preferable alternative to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. In Europe, around 60% of CO2 emissions come from transport, a shocking statistic that we need to tackle as soon as possible. EV charging units are now scattered across the country, but in some remote locations, connecting to the grid is either too impractical or impossible. The public charging points we have now are all connected to the grid, which isn’t an option for annual events like music festivals and the Commonwealth Games…

By deploying portable EV chargers, EV drivers can charge their electric car for the duration of their stay at the games, with no connection to the grid or installation disruption necessary. Our chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging can be deployed directly to your site of choice, with a concierge service provided throughout your rental period for your own peace of mind. Not only can you tackle the event’s carbon emissions, but you can even attract more eco-conscious guests, encouraging them to drive to the Games knowing they have somewhere to park.

EV Visibility on a Global Scale

One of the main reasons drivers are deterred from opting for an electric vehicle is because they have significant range anxiety. By providing portable electric vehicle charging stations, you can expose more people to the vast opportunities that come with opting for an electric vehicle. Drivers can charge their electric vehicle safe in the knowledge that they’ll have sufficient charge to get home. At the Commonwealth Games, many activist groups and environmentalists will pay close attention to how the event is handling its carbon emissions; portable chargers make a real statement, not just for the fight against climate change, but for the event’s ability to adapt to practicality.

Governments across the world are all urging people to opt for electric vehicles in order to lower their carbon footprint. Providing a scalable charging network to an event that will be broadcast worldwide will have a major impact, particularly on an individual’s range anxiety and projecting the message that you don’t have to connect to the grid to connect. Off-grid locations can pay attention to the movement, particularly events such as music festivals, and possibly make changes for the future…

How Our Battery Storage Chargers Can Help

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we’re dedicated to saving our planet, and providing ways in which we can all lower our carbon footprint together. Birmingham hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games is something to be proud of; as well as cheering on our dedicated, unstoppable athletes, we can make a difference away from the track and field too. Our portable chargers can be deployed in car parks scattered around the event, attracting EV drivers and providing them with a more accessible place to charge, rather than searching high and low for an electric vehicle charging point.

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