How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint at your Wedding

You might not think much about it on your big day, but there are numerous wedding traditions that are incredibly bad for the environment. As previously mentioned in our earlier blog post, events such as music festivals need to up their game in their fight against climate change, but local events such as weddings and christenings need to follow suit. Transport is a major contributing factor, but with electric vehicle (EV) charger installation, you can help lower your carbon footprint.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we deploy battery storage portable chargers to events and destinations alike. Our chargers don’t have to be connected to the grid, making them the perfect choice for locations where connecting to the grid is either too expensive or impossible. Weddings are stand-alone events, which means connecting to the grid is impractical. With portable charging stations, you can cut down the carbon emissions on your big day significantly. 

Waste at Weddings; How to Cut Down

Like most events, waste is a big contribution to a wedding’s carbon footprint. Transport from someone’s house, to the venue, to the reception to back home again can take its toll on the environment, but there are steps we can take. For instance, try and find alternatives to balloons and plastic confetti, such as flower petals. This can lower your single plastic usage, and can set an example.

All of the guests, as well as the bride and groom, will need transport to and from the wedding. By providing electric charging points, you can provide for those who drive an electric vehicle, and you can boast about the sustainable options you have to display. Those with electric cars can conveniently charge their car throughout their stay, which is a great option if they’re staying close by overnight. There is plenty of waste and carbon emissions produced by weddings, but there are various solutions, which you can find more about here

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicle charging points are cropping up across the country, but their presence is lacking at events that desperately need them. Transport to and from sporting events and music festivals causes over two thirds of their carbon footprints, so portable car charging points could be the answer to drastically decreasing emissions. People with electric vehicles often have to find other modes of transport when they have a carbon neutral car sitting at home, simply because there is nowhere to charge.

EV charging points are crucial for events moving forward; as more and more people opt for an EV, they will need convenient places to charge, and shouldn’t have to find other means of transportation simply because the event cannot provide for them. Instead of EV charger installation, look towards portable public charging stations for your event.

How We Can Help

It’s no secret that the country is moving towards a carbon neutral future. By 2030, electric and hybrid vehicles will be the only motors available, and it’s important to start deploying a charging network earlier. Even if connecting to the grid is possible, renting your chargers over EV charger installation is a cost-effective solution. On your big day, add EV charging points to your list of necessities; the planet will thank you for it.

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