What Are Solar ‘Trees’ That Can Charge Your Electric Vehicle?

SolarBotanic Ltd has teamed up with expert engineers at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) to create a field prototype for the scalable, integrated, and environmentally friendly power generation system. As the business transitions to full-scale commercial production, the project’s goal is to construct the prototype. Are these beneficial to the electric vehicle charging sector or are they just superfluous?

What are Solar Trees?

A SolarBotanic Tree is a solar power system that generates clean electricity and has a distinctive appearance. In order to meet the site’s initial demand for renewable energy, it will initially be incorporated into the existing RAW Charging infrastructure. Eventually, RAW’s top hardware and battery storage will be integrated into the solar tree structure.

The trees, which have a dome made of nanophotovoltaic (PV) “leaves” and are intended for aesthetically delicate locations, can capture enough solar energy to power individual homes and charge an electric vehicle, and their sleek design makes them easy on the environment as well. They offer a clean and green energy solution to speed the UK’s transition to net zero.

Reasons Portable EV Chargers Are Better For EVs

Your electric vehicle can be charged anywhere, even away from the grid, using a portable EV charger. Anywhere is a possibility with portable chargers. They might be at a festival, a sporting event, or your local shopping centre. As well, they are able to be installed in your own home. Making them very accessible and convenient for all EV drivers.

As well, portable EV chargers are able to be easily located. There are many apps for mobile phones that allow you to easily located your nearest portable charging station. This makes it quick and easy when out travelling to charge your electric vehicle. Whereas, as previously mentioned, the Solar Trees are anticipated to be located in aesthetically pleasing places, this could mean that they are in less convenient locations for drivers.

Along with my earlier point, the fact that drivers have such easy access to portable chargers lowers range anxiety. The main reason why people are reluctant to switch to an electric vehicle is range anxiety. Range anxiety is lessened by portable chargers because they are so prevalent and the market is expanding so quickly.

Elite Electric Vehicle Charging

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