What is EV fast charging?

With the electric vehicle revolution in full swing, drivers will need to get used to charging their cars rather than filling them up. For decades, drivers have refuelled their vehicles at gas and diesel pumps. This means that individuals need to understand electric vehicle charging stations, and those who lead hectic, hurried lifestyles need to learn about EV fast charging. Now is the perfect moment to learn, especially given how rapidly the electric vehicle sector is expanding. So, what exactly is EV fast charging then?

EV fast charging

Nowadays, EV chargers are available in a range of speeds: Slow, fast, and rapid. A fast charger generally offers charging speeds of between 7kW and 22kW, making it possible to completely charge electric cars overnight in approximately 10 hours or less. Electric vehicle batteries must be charged with direct current electricity. Both slow and fast chargers typically draw AC (alternating current) from their source. As a result, an internal converter in an electric vehicle’s charging system must first convert this to DC.¬†

The technology is ever-growing, with some electric car models being able to charge at speeds of 220-270kW. This gives owners the chance to charge from 10-80% in as little as 18 minutes. Increasing the availability of EV fast charging for all as the market expands. Additionally, fast and rapid EV charging stations are frequently found close to main roads and motorways because this is where EV drivers need the most immediate refueling before continuing their trip.

Can any electric car use a fast charger?

Sadly, the response is no. Everything is dependent on the type of connector that your car uses. To use a fast or rapid charger, you must purchase a different type of connector, which is very simple to do. As well, even though EV fast charging is becoming more potent, the precise charging speed you’ll receive depends on the specific electric car you own. Ultimately, the charging capacity of a car and the type of connector it uses are its two main determining factors¬†

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