What is the Global EV Market?

Currently, although more and more electric vehicles are manufactured every year, they are still falling behind petrol and diesel sales. The country that has the largest EV market is Norway, which has a percentage of 45.9% compared to other vehicles. However, this is all due to change from 2030, when various countries and their governments are creating actions and incentives to ensure drivers are switching to electric vehicles.


So, what is the current state of the electric vehicle market? And, are there enough chargers available to meet the demand? Find out more here. 

Cost of Global EV Market

Globally, the Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling vehicle in the electric vehicle market. However, the cost of this car all depends on the particular country. For example, the vehicle’s country of origin, the USA, is, of course, the cheapest place to buy Tesla models. Both in terms of the total cost and as a percentage of the median annual pay (73.32%). 


In the UK, the costs of EVs can also be heavily reduced using government incentive schemes that can take a percentage off the total. All in an effort to ensure UK drivers are switching to carbon-free driving solutions. 

Number of Chargers

Range anxiety is one of the biggest problems for EV drivers. Many may worry that they will not make the remainder of their journey without losing charge halfway through. This is why drivers should check what chargers are available before setting off on long journeys or driving through unfamiliar areas. However, with the EV market expected to continue to increase and more new vehicles on the road, it is important that there is a reliable charging infrastructure in place to meet this demand. 


Currently, China has the highest number of chargers available more than any other nation. They have an estimate of 301,238 slow and 214,670 fast chargers; which makes sense due to China’s mass population of over 1.4 billion. In second place is the USA which has 65,265 slow and 13,093 rapid chargers. 


South Korea has the fewest chargers available, with only 6,514 slow and 2,673 fast chargers. However, the South Korean government have set a target to increase the number of electric vehicle recharging networks by 2030. 

The Proportion of Chargers to EVs

Although there may be a wide availability of EV chargers, if there is still a low quantity compared to the number of electric vehicles in the area, this point is moot. There will still be vehicles fighting for these available spaces. Leading the EV market in this aspect is Norway, due to their low ratio of just 0.3 EVs per 1000 chargers.


Primarily, countries that have a large population, such as China, will have the highest ratio of chargers to the electric vehicle market. 


This is where portable EV chargers can come in. With the implementation of these EV chargers throughout society, EVs do not have to fight for the few public charging points that are available. Instead, the drivers can choose when and where they charge their vehicle and are self-reliant. Find out more about our portable charging services here

Elite EV Charge

Here at Elite, we provide temporary and permanent portable EV chargers throughout the UK. As the country slowly approaches the 2030 ban on petrol and fossil cars, the EV market will increase and take over the entire manufacturing industry. So, it is important that there are enough facilities and charging stations.


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