What is Off-Grid Destination Charging?

What is Off-Grid Destination Charging?

Off-grid charging is the practice of providing electrical power to electric vehicle drivers who have previously struggled to find comfortable battery restoration solutions. In order to provide off-grid power, a destination charging system is required.

What is Destination Charging?

Destination charging provides electric vehicle drivers with the opportunity to resupply their vehicles battery capacity at designated points. Today, many of the amenities we visit are set up with destination charging infrastructure, such as supermarkets, cinemas, restaurants and public car parks. Once you have arrived at a destination that has a designated charging network, this becomes destination charging.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we are committed to providing both temporary and permanent charging solutions for electric vehicles across the entirety of the UK. Our charging infrastructure aims to provide a more tailored service to electric vehicle drivers in off-grid locations due to the lack of existing infrastructure

Providing Off-Grid Chargers to EV Drivers Across the UK

The UK is home to at least 35,000 electric vehicle charging stations, which are most commonly found in densely populated areas, such as the big cities – London, Birmingham and Manchester – or along major travel networks such as motorways and service stations. 

EV drivers that live in villages or more rural areas are less likely to have immediate access to destination chargers, unless they have had an installation at their own home. EV drivers that start to notice their battery is depleting while out on the road need a solution to their problem regardless of their location. By providing off-grid destination chargers, we hope to supply Elite EV customers with sustainable battery replenishment up, down and across the country, aiming to combat range anxiety so EV drivers can travel comfortably.

Rising Demand for Off-Grid Destination Chargers

The UK government’s quota to establish a carbon-neutral environment by 2030 is well underway. As a result, the demand for electric vehicles and the infrastructure to support the demand is skyrocketing.

Petrol and diesel vehicles are incredibly harmful to our planet’s ecosystem. When used, these fossil fuels release carbon dioxide (CO2) which creates an invisible layer around the Earth’s atmosphere, preventing rising heat from escaping and causing the planet to gradually heat up. We have come to know this process as global warming.

Vehicles powered by fossil fuels may be cheaper upfront – which is why most people opt to drive them – however, the majority of people fail to realise that electric vehicles are much cheaper to run, and their renewable energy source makes them the perfect option for someone looking to lower their carbon emissions.

What We’re Doing to Help

In addition to providing off-grid destination charging to locations in the UK, we provide events such as sports games and music festivals with temporary and mobile charging stations. This allows EV drivers to travel to their favourite shows, concerts and events without having to worry about finding a power source to recharge their vehicle.

Elite Vehicle Charging cares deeply about the health of our planet. We can’t stress enough the importance of lowering our individual carbon footprints. To enquire further, please contact us on 0800 7022661 today or click here to get in touch.