What Occasions Would Benefit From EV Charging Services?

Ev Charging Services are Important

Throughout our lives, we celebrate countless occasions in the year. From birthdays to christenings and baby showers, EV drivers will have to factor in how they will get there. And, the EV charging services that are available nearby. So, when you are planning an occasion, why should you consider hiring EV charging points? 


Seasonal Events

Every year, the changing of the seasons brings new events to various regions of the nation. Winter is one season in particular that tends to be well-liked in this regard. A wide variety of businesses will conduct events leading up to Christmas, and some of them will likely welcome EV drivers due to the large number of attendees. Thanks to this, hosts might need portable EV chargers, especially if visitors will be staying overnight and charging their EVs normally.


If you are hosting a bonfire or Christmas party this winter, consider hiring portable EV charging services. This way, you are accommodating your guests and ensuring everybody has enough charge to make it home.



EV drivers may worry about travelling to a christening due to the location being at a church. However, although the church remains a traditional standpoint in the UK, this does not mean it cannot adapt to the changing times in technology. For example, the Church of England has previously advised on EV charging services at church buildings. As certain churches are in remote locations our portable destination EV charging points are ideal for churches that do not wish to connect to the grid and possibly disturb their historic grounds. 


Birthday Parties

Birthdays are a great time that all your family and friends can enjoy together, whether hosted at home or a venue. However, problems can occur when milestone birthdays come around and families from all over the country are expected to attend the special day. Transport is a concern for any important event, but when it comes to family and friends we always want to make sure we attend ahead of schedule. This can be a challenge for EV drivers who may have to charge up multiple times on a journey depending on the distance. 


Deploying portable EV chargers at your next big birthday event will help to eliminate the worry for those family members who have made the switch to EV driving. Or if you are a venue which regularly hosts events, why not consider installing some permanently? 


Elite EV Charge

At Elite, our team of experts can deploy and set up portable EV charging points at your wedding. We will ensure that the EV charging points are running efficiently to ensure you and your guests remain fully charged throughout your event.


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