Why Coldplay’s Mobile Show Battery is So Important

Recently, BMW announced it would provide the world’s first ever rechargeable show battery for Coldplay’s upcoming world tour. The battery will replace typical petrol and diesel-powered generators, instead using more than 40 recyclable car batteries from BMW’s i3 car range. This move will not only significantly reduce the overall carbon footprint of stadiums and arenas, but will finally broadcast the practicality of battery storage charging on a global scale. Event EV charging has been promoted by introducing grid charging networks, which isn’t a viable option for some. Luckily, we’re here to help…

At Elite Vehicle Charging, we wanted to present an alternative to the typical charging infrastructure, deploying state of the art battery charging stations to locations where connecting to the grid is impractical, impossible, or both. Electric car charging points are becoming widely available in major towns and cities, but how can we extend this provision to annual events that don’t wish to leave a legacy behind?

What is Battery Powered Charging?

Like grid chargers, battery powered chargers provide necessary charge to electric vehicles, whether that be for a full charge or just to simply top up. Although charging at home is the most popular option for EV drivers, some may experience range anxiety when on long journeys, especially if they cannot find a public charging point in their vicinity (using apps such as Zap Map can be a great help). Battery powered car charging does not need to be connected to the grid, making it a great choice for off-grid locations such as in the Lake District, and annual events such as music festivals. They don’t need to be connected to the grid, so they reduce disruption and won’t fall victim to power cuts and issues with the infrastructure.

These mobile EV charging packs are perfect for helping off-grid locations keep up with the EV surge but have so far been widely ignored by large corporations and the Government. Hopefully, with BMW’s announcement, the practicality of battery storage chargers will be recognised and used more often…

Alternative Solutions for Events

We’ve spoken previously about the numerous benefits that mobile EV charging stations can have for a number of locations and events. Currently, most of the top music festivals in the country, such as Glastonbury, have ‘green pledges’ that also include slow charging provisions. Our packs contain faster, 75kWh flexible batteries, and are optimal for event EV charging, and can accommodate EV drivers who would probably have to find alternative transport. It can also attract more guests and eco-conscious individuals, as events can promote the lengths they have gone to to lower their carbon footprint.

Concerts need large generators to power everything that makes a show spectacular; lighting, sound and mechanical elements all need to be powered somehow, which can lead to an excessive production of carbon emissions. The batteries provided by BMW will be recharged by solar power and a kinetic stadium floor, plus other sustainable implementations. This proves the effectiveness of battery storage charging; the ability to power an entire tour should not be ignored, and should be considered for other parts of everyday life.

Event EV Charging

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we’re dedicated to combating climate change and making a real difference to protect the planet for future generations. The news that an entire world tour will be powered by battery chargers proves a point that we’ve been promoting since our company began; battery storage charging is a viable option for destinations and events across the country, and it seems to be gaining momentum…

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