Will EV Smart Charging Become a Grid Asset?

Electric vehicles are a significant component of the energy transition, which is driving decarbonization and is the century’s central issue. However, the number of charging stations is far short of what we require given the explosive growth in the sales of electric vehicles. Additionally, it can be expensive to store electricity, and utilities and grid operators constantly need to perfectly balance supply and demand.  Therefore, because it is less expensive and better for the environment, EV Smart Charging is essentially on its way to becoming a grid asset. Making it advantageous to all parties involved!

What is EV Smart Charging?

Managing and controlling charging schedules and speeds intelligently is the process of EV smart charging. Technically speaking, it alludes to a system in which a charging station and an electric car share a data connection, and the charging station shares a data connection with the charging operator. The use of smart charging enables grid operators and charging station owners to remotely monitor their charging stations and optimise energy use and expenses.

How will the grid benefit from EV Smart Charging?

Electric vehicle charging (EV smart charging) is a high power load. Additionally, the load can be controlled. This is why EV charging Energy Management is necessary and essential, both on the demand side to optimise energy cost and usage and on the grid side to contribute to grid balance. Grid balance helps to reduce energy consumption and is therefore environmentally beneficial. 

In order to transform EVs into energy storage assets that can feed power back into the grid when it is required for grid balancing, utilities will be crucial. Millions of EVs’ batteries have the potential to play a crucial role in the development of a renewable energy ecosystem in the future. The entire EV charging ecosystem, from the utility to individual EV drivers, benefits greatly from EV smart charging. In a balanced grid, it optimises and stabilises energy flow while ensuring more dependable service and high-quality power.

Elite Vehicle Charging

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