How to Enable Workplace EV Charging

As the number of EVs continues to increase, it is important to utilise as many EV charging services as possible. Especially when most adults spend their time at work. 


So, how can business owners enable workplace charging? Find out more here. 

Find Out About Your Employee’s Needs

No matter the size of your business, it is important to consider your employees’ needs. Especially to improve morale and productivity. Therefore, consider assessing their driving capabilities. Is anyone driving an EV? If the answer is yes, there is an opportunity here.


EV charging services are ideal for those who work throughout the week. Chances are, drivers do not have time to wait in long queues at charging stations if they are constantly on the commute. Business owners should find out how many of their staff may require EV charging facilities at their work. 

Set Up Charging Rules 

Once you have decided on how many chargers are needed for the business, it is important to set up an EV charging policy for those who will be accessing these. This should include information on how the chargers are utilised and a clear payment method. Business owners have the opportunity to select the right funding model; paid or free charging.


By setting up free EV charge points for employees, not only acts as an incentive for staff (and even why certain members may apply for a role), but it also creates a positive working environment for all. Whilst, showcasing your company’s intentions to help lower the planet’s carbon footprint. Businesses should look to work with EV charging companies that can help set up these points cost-effectively and efficiently. Find out more about Elite’s services here. 

Plan For the Future

Although there may be more petrol or diesel drivers compared to the number of EV drivers. This is set to change. In 2030, there will be a nationwide ban on new petrol and diesel vehicle sales. Therefore, many drivers may be forced to switch to EVs in the next couple of years. Already, there has been an increase in EVs, for example, a 76% increase in 2021 compared to 2020.


So, workplaces should base the EV offers on not just an employee poll, but also including an increase of 5% to 10%. Plan for 10 to 20% of your staff to drive EVs if you’re building a new structure or are situated in an area with a high EV density. Making more parking places “EV Ready” with conduit and electrical cabling can help you get ready for an increase in the number of workers driving electric vehicles. 

Destination Charging

Destination charging refers mainly to overnight charging during long journeys. However, the concept can be transferred for workplace charging. As most cars are spent parked throughout the day, use this time wisely. Destination charging is ideal for those constantly on the go and do not have time to charge their vehicle as much as they would like.


So, even if workplaces do not have EV charge points set up, why not hire your own portable EV charging device to ensure your car does not run out of charge? Simply, set up this EV charge point when getting to work and leave your vehicle. Whilst you are hard at work, the portable EV charger will do the rest. Rest assured. You will come back to a fully charged vehicle, without wasting any of your time waiting around, which happens at public charging stations. Find out more about destination charging here. 

Elite EV Charging

Elite EV Charge is a company that provides portable EV charging solutions for drivers with varying needs. With the 2030 ban coming up on new petrol and diesel vehicle sales, it is important that an EV charging infrastructure is set up throughout the country so that drivers feel confident that they will not run out of charge. This includes event charging, for one-off occasions such as football games and music festivals, and charging at workplaces.


For more information on our portable EV charging services, fill in our online form here. Or, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and stay up to date with the latest EV news.

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