Why You Should Care About Transport and Climate Change

When it comes to climate change and carbon emissions, there seems to be a different area to blame every single day. Eating too much meat, transportation and plastic usage are all culprits in what’s preventing us from becoming carbon neutral, and if we cut down on all aspects, we could make a big difference. Transportation is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases, but we all need to get around one way or another. By looking towards electric vehicles (EV’s) and vehicle charging points, we can start to make a difference…
Individuals who attend events such as music festivals and sports games all need a mode of transport to get them to their desired destination. EV drivers are often left in the cold due to the lack of facilities supplied for them to charge their car. Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we provide a rentable charging network that doesn’t have to be connected to the grid, which can be expensive or impossible. If we really want to make a difference, we need to consider electric transportation…

The Stats

Transportation contributes to a quarter of Europe’s carbon emissions. Within this, road transportation contributes to a huge 70%. Although more EV charging points are beginning to crop up across the country, there’s a lack at events and festivals, which could benefit greatly by attracting new customers. Solutions include improving the efficiency of the transport system, but one way we can really make a difference is by opting for a low to zero emissions vehicle.
Destination chargers are becoming a common sight, providing a public charging network for EV drivers to charge their electric vehicle. Events are looking for new ways to cut down on their carbon emissions, and car charging points can not only attract EV drivers, but can encourage others to go green today. With transportation contributing to 20% of global emissions, we can help you lower your carbon footprint with portable chargers that we can deploy directly to your destination or event.

How We Can Change Our Ways

What the scientists and experts are telling you isn’t just there to scare you; it must be listened to carefully if we’re serious about reversing the effects of climate change. The EV charging network is only just beginning to make waves, but is harder to find at remote locations or events due to impracticality. By deploying portable chargers at car parks, you can rent the charging stations for as long as they’re needed, making them perfect for annual and one-off events.
As well as cutting down on our meat intake and ensuring that we recycle, we need to combat road pollution if we’re determined to make a difference. Vehicle charging points can help stop these emissions in their tracks by providing more incentives for people to go green. Some drivers worry about range, but with more chargers at events and scattered across the country, electric vehicles can quickly become a serious contender.

In Conclusion; How Vehicle Charging Points can Help

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we make it our mission to help events lowers their carbon footprint. By providing a rentable alternative, events won’t have to connect to the infrastructure, which can be expensive or impossible. Before portable chargers, events may have ignored the road pollution crisis, as connecting to the existing infrastructure wasn’t an option. Now, with a concierge service added, events can rest assured that they’re doing their bit to combat a serious problem.
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