Are Drivers Happy With Public Electric Charging Points?

As the number of charge points and electric vehicles continues to increase, the majority of EV drivers utilise the public charging network. A public electric charging point is usually a Level 2 charger that can take between 4 and 6 hours to charge, at places such as shopping centres, fuel stations and car parks. 


With the network being heavily relied on, it is important to understand where the strengths and weaknesses lie with these public EV points.  

Recent Statistics

To get their opinions on the experience, the consumer group Which? surveyed over 1,500 of its members who drive electric vehicles. 74% of respondents said they are not happy with the current charging infrastructure, according to studies. 60% of respondents said they discovered a broken charger, and 61% said they had trouble making their payments.


Also, half of the respondents estimated that their nearest electric charging point was more than a 20-minute walk away. Whilst, one in five survey participants said they no longer use public chargers due to their lack of availability. It is one of the reasons why drivers are reluctant to switch to an electric vehicle.

What is Range Anxiety?

This term has been passed around the EV industry for years now and still, certain drivers are unaware of what range anxiety is. Range anxiety is the fear that your electric vehicle will not have enough charge to make certain journeys. Unlike petrol and diesel cars, which can be refilled quickly and frequently with the number of pumps available, this is not the case for EVs. 


Certain drivers may feel that they cannot make destinations due to the limited number of electric charging points available. It may even be a reason why drivers do not want to switch to an electric vehicle for their next car, despite the fact that they are much more environmentally friendly. In these situations, alternatives should be considered. 

Portable EV Chargers

Portable EV chargers are ideal to ensure drivers have the right amount of charge no matter how off-grid or remote the location may be. Drivers can utilise portable EV chargers and choose when and where to charge their vehicles with an electric charging point. This way, drivers do not have to be worried about the lack of EV charging infrastructure as they will be self-reliant on their own resources.


Also, for businesses, portable EV chargers are ideal to utilise in car parks or other workplace parking facilities. Employees, guests and customers can use an electric charging point before entering the business, to charge their vehicle whilst away. This alternative in addition means that drivers do not have to rely on public chargers, which may be broken or result in long waiting times.

Elite EV Charge

At Elite, we provide temporary and permanent EV charging solutions for drivers and businesses. Instead of relying on a public electric charging point, which can be unreliable and unstable, why not utilise our portable chargers that provide charging facilities in both remote and off-grid locations? Whether this is for event charging, for occasions such as music festivals, or overnight destination charging. Elite is here to help!


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