Can My Electric Car Use Any EV Charger?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing an electric car. However, the type of charging connector used by an EV is one of the most critical considerations. Here’s how they differ and where you can put them to use.


Do All Electric Cars Use the Same Adaptor?

While most electric vehicles can be charged at home and at public charging stations, not all of them utilise the same charging connector, or “plug.” Some can only be plugged into certain types of charging stations, some require adapters to charge at greater power levels, and some feature numerous charging outlets.


What Different EV Plugs Are There?

Many electric cars rely on industry standards such as the J1772 connector, while others use proprietary technology. Because Teslas use a special socket built only for their specific EVs, a Nissan Leaf would be unable to use a Tesla charging station because its plug would not connect.

The type of plug you use to connect will depend on whether you’re charging using alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). Both level 1 and level 2 charging stations use AC power, and the charging cable that comes standard with most EVs will work with both. However, Level 3 fast-charging stations use DC power, which necessitates a new socket with more cables to handle the increased electrical load.

In the electric vehicle industry, with the exception of Tesla, there are four types of AC charging plugs and four types of DC charging plugs avail. Tesla plugs are designed to accept both AC and DC power and come with adapters for use with various charging networks, therefore they belong in their own category and will not be included in the following listings.


Portable EV Chargers

It is important to be aware of what type of plug your electric car can use. From this, you can then hire portable EV chargers to optimise your EV driving experience. Instead of having to guess at charging stations, hire a portable EV charger that will definitely fit your vehicle. This way, you can confidently go on journeys, without the worry that either you will not have enough charge to make it an available point, or that it will have the wrong plug.

Also, many electric cars will benefit from the use of portable EV chargers. It gives drivers more range when driving. Get rid of range anxiety simply by carrying your own charger in your EV. As they are getting more popular, it is important to find a reliable business when hiring portable EV chargers.


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