Car Park EV Chargers: Are There Enough?

Car parks are the perfect place to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers. Whether they’re work’s car parks or based at shopping centres, they’re a great place for EV drivers to top up their battery and have an anxiety-free drive home. There are various EV charging solutions out there to satisfy the surge of electric vehicles being driven, but most organisations focus on grid charging. This can be ineffective and impractical, but for most car parks, they’re the only consideration. This is where portable EV charging comes in.

Mobile EV charging points can be deployed to locations across the country, including car parks that are both on and off the grid. Our chargers at Elite Vehicle Charging are perfect for events where connecting to the grid is impractical or impossible, as well as destinations that would like to trial chargers before installing them. There are currently more than 42,000 charge points in the UK, which is now more than petrol stations. However, range anxiety still exists. By turning to EV alternatives like battery storage, we can accommodate all drivers in car parks across the country…

What Car Parks Could Benefit?

Retail parks and shopping centres could feel the benefit of deploying vehicle charging points for years to come. Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield has already seen visitation increase since installing their EV charging points, proving the effectiveness of having a fleet of chargers in car parks. People who visit the shops usually leave their cars for a couple of hours, and EV drivers may only need a top-up to ensure that they get home without a hitch. Restaurants and pubs could also benefit from having EV charging points in their car parks, but it can be difficult to know exactly the number of points that need to be installed…

Mobile EV charging stations are perfect as a temporary solution to a major issue. Shopping centres, restaurants, workplaces, and all other car parks that could benefit from charger installation will need to be trialled first. Our battery storage portable EV chargers can be rented for a period of time suited to you, allowing you to test how many chargers you may need, so you won’t waste money or cause unnecessary disruption.

Are There Really Enough?

The short answer to this question is, No. Even though there are more EV charging stations than petrol stations, they are grouped together in densely populated areas such as large towns and cities. Off-grid locations and suburban areas may not have access to portable chargers, increasing the range anxiety experienced by not only nearby residents but tourists too. There need to be more provisions made for remote locations, and portable EV charging points installed at car parks could be the answer.

In 2030, EVs will be the only vehicles available to buy brand new. To prepare for this, drivers may wish to make the switch early to get used to the feel of an electric motor. To cope with the demand, the grid needs to be prepared, but it may need support. Our portable chargers need no connection to the grid, and can provide charge no matter where they are deployed. To find out more about our services, please visit us here.

How Our Portable EV Charging Stations Work

Our mobile EV charging solutions can help support drivers with their range anxiety and businesses who wish to supply chargers in their car parks. As mentioned in our previous article, portable EV chargers can lower a business’s carbon footprint significantly by encouraging more people to opt for an EV. They cause minimal disruption when compared to installing a grid charger, and they are the perfect choice for trialling out chargers first.

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