How Destination Charging Can Benefit Remote Locations

As more and more people adopt a greener lifestyle, towns and cities need to adapt in order to accommodate for this proposed future. Electric vehicles are quickly making their way up the popularity rankings, and soon, they will be the only choice. In order to charge an electric vehicle (EV), homes and destination chargers alike need to be connected to the infrastructure. However, this isn’t possible in some areas.

The destination charging network can be found in a number of places; motorway service stations, supermarkets and public car parks. But electric vehicle charging is not as widely available in off-the-grid locations, such as the Lake District. These areas don’t deserve to be left in the dark, so solutions need to be deployed in order to thrive. By providing battery storage EV charging stations, remote locations don’t have to worry about connecting to the infrastructure. This can benefit them in many ways…

Maintain Economic Vitality

Although it’s not a burning problem at the moment; alternative charging solutions need to be found for remote locations soon in order for them to make money. The Government has spoken frequently about the benefits of EV charging systems that are connected to the grid, especially their impact on the local economy. But where do remote locations fit into all of this? The UK is leading the way in Europe for the provision of rapid chargers. However, remote locations are still being left out in the cold.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we deploy battery storage chargers to off-grid locations and events across the UK. We care deeply about the planet and understand that connecting to the infrastructure in certain parts of the UK is either too expensive or impossible. Therefore, we’ve distributed our portable EV charging ports to off-grid locations in order to support their economic turnover and benefit EV drivers in the area.

Attract Tourism

When you drive an electric car, there are a few factors that need to be considered when driving long distances. A big worry for EV drivers is range anxiety; the fear that their vehicle won’t get them where they need to be on a certain amount of charge. The provision of more EV chargers helps this, but remote locations once again miss out. By providing more accessible charging ports to off-grid locations, tourism doesn’t have to suffer in the coming years, and can, in fact, thrive.

With tourism comes extra money for the economy, which benefits smaller towns that may fear the emergence of electric vehicles. By 2030, EV’s and hybrids will be the only cars available. Companies that provide charging stations need to take remote locations into consideration. Our portable destination chargers can benefit these locations, as well as events such as music festivals, in order to support tourism and the local economy. 

Pave the Way for a Carbon-Neutral Future

It’s never been more important to change the way we think and act when it comes to the environment. We’ve received numerous stark warnings about our attitudes, and if we don’t change soon, the damage to the planet may be irreversible. Electric cars are a huge step forward in the sustainability mission, but they aren’t an option for everyone simply because there’s no infrastructure to charge them.

By deploying battery storage chargers, we can encourage more people to go green by giving them the destination charging incentive. With our chargers, connecting to the infrastructure is not necessary, which can be a great weight off people’s shoulders. If you would like to enquire further about our portable destination charging services, please give us a call on 0800 702 2661.


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