Is There Enough Rapid Charge Points to Meet Demand?

There is no question that the UK has started to prepare for the 2030 ban on fossil-fuelled cars, by installing electric vehicle chargers across the country. As more vehicles are being manufactured, it is vital that there are enough chargers to fully accommodate if the country wants to convert to fully electric by 2050. With options for destination charging and the invention of “ultra-rapid” devices, is there enough to meet this demand?

As of March 2022, there were 30,412 charge points across the UK; rising 33% over the year. But, studies show that by 2035, there should be at least 230,000. But, how many of these are rapid charge points?


Rapid Charge Points

Currently, there are around 5,497 rapid and ultra-rapid charging points across 3,416 locations. This is an improvement, as just in the first three months of 2022, this figure had grown 11% from 2021. Rapid charge points allow an EV driver to charge their vehicle 0-80% for up to 30 minutes. One of the disadvantages of charging stations is the long queues, however, these points are seen to be needed in order to speed up this process.

Yet, these fast-charging devices make up for only 20% of points across the country. That means, there are currently not enough to fully satisfy most drivers’ needs. It will be a first-come, first-serve basis, which may affect a driver’s decision to use them.

Here at Elite, we have talked about “range anxiety” before; the feeling of dread, not knowing if your EV will make the journey without running out of charge. And, this is no exception for the lack of rapid charge points. If a driver cannot quickly their electric car, they are more likely to risk the journey and try to make it to another charging station. Until there are enough of these fast charging points for every EV, alternatives should be considered.


What is Destination Charging?

Destination charging is primarily overnight charging on the go. Whether this is in off-grid locations, at hotels or other suitable locations; destination charging ensures you remain fully connected wherever you are. Utilising this method gives drivers confidence for the day ahead. No need for any feelings of range anxiety. No need to hunt down the nearest public charging station. Simply, find the destination charging network and use it to your advantage whilst you relax.

This can save money that would be spent using public chargers. Or, the time it would take to make certain detours to charging stations. More and more businesses are setting up destination charging stations as society becomes more carbon-free; including, hotels, holiday complexes and AirBnB. Not only does this warrant your stay, as your electric car will be charging, but also it puts those specific locations on the map. 

If you are taking a road trip, you can coordinate your stays using apps such as ZapMap; indicating where there are destination charging stations at which overnight stops. Most importantly, showing which ones are also fast or ultra-fast charging.


What about charging opportunities when you are not travelling? Or, if you are staying at a place that does not have charge points available? Portable EV chargers are another alternative to public charging stations. As the driver, you get to decide when and where you decide to charge; not having to wait in queues. With more portable EV chargers available that are DC fast charging, it is important to find a reliable business that sells or rents these services.


Our Services

Elite EV Charge provides temporary and permanent EV charging solutions for vehicles all over the UK. Whether this is destination charging or hiring charge points for events; we advocate the use of portable EV chargers to help lower the planet’s carbon footprint. One charger at a time.

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