Should Self-Catering Holiday Companies Supply Portable EV Chargers?

In recent years, EVs have become more popular in the UK and have even surpassed diesel for new vehicle sales. So, as businesses and car manufacturers are preparing for the 2030 ban, other industries should also consider portable EV chargers to meet this demand. 

Does Your Holiday Home Have an EV Charger?

Across the UK, many homes travel to luxurious holiday destinations for a weekend to relax. This can include places such as caravan parks, cottages and Air BnBs. So, in these self-catering locations, should companies provide portable EV chargers for their guests? Find out the benefits that portable charging can have on these businesses and how Elite EV Charge can help. 

More Revenue

Portable EV chargers have the potential to increase your guest’s satisfaction with their stay. By employing destination charging facilities, for which drivers overnight charge their vehicle, not only will the vehicle have the required charge ready for the next day, but also, it will help your business. 


Incorporating EV charging into your accommodation is an ideal way to boost your revenue. This could include added charges to the bill, depending on how often the guests charge, or included within the overall total. No matter the decision, portable EV chargers can help increase your revenue, whilst being inclusive and accommodating to your guests.

More Bookings

When it comes to going away, EV drivers have to take more into consideration than other types of drivers. They will need to understand whereabouts they will be able to charge their vehicle, which can be difficult in remote or off-grid locations. It can lead to range anxiety and frustration at a time when they are supposed to be relaxing.


Most drivers of electric vehicles use apps such as ZapMap to find nearby public chargers, or locations for destination charging. So, if you supply portable EV chargers for guests, it will boost your location and showcase you have the charging capacity. These on-site chargers may be the solution to receiving more bookings from eco-friendly customers.    

Ahead of the Game

As aforementioned, in 2030, there will a ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles. Meaning, that if drivers are wanting a new car after this cut-off point, it will have to be an electric vehicle. Electric vehicles are already becoming increasingly more popular and have outsold diesel. So, it’s not hard to guess that in the future, there will be more of a demand for electric vehicles and consequently, EV charging facilities available at various locations.


So, why not get ahead of your competition and offer portable EV chargers within the booking? EV charging may become part of the essentials when guests are looking for suitable holiday homes, alongside Wi-Fi and hot tubs. 

Lower the Planet’s Carbon Footprint

As a collective, UK businesses have begun to ensure there are certain environmentally friendly factors within their workplace. Whether this is utilising solar energy, or ensuring all products are natural and cruelty-free, there is an effort to help lower the planet’s carbon footprint as much as possible. 


For self-catering accommodation businesses, like holiday parks or cottages, supplying portable EV chargers is an ideal way to help show support to this cause. You are accommodating eco-friendly drivers and offering the facilities to ensure they remain fully charged throughout their stay. It also states that your business is eco-conscious and supports carbon-free solutions, which is an added bonus.

Elite EV Charge

At Elite, we advocate the installation of EV charge points all across the UK in varying industries. For EV drivers that are wanting a weekend away, it is important that they feel accommodated and can charge their vehicle with ease. That’s why we provide portable EV chargers for businesses to set up their own points for customers and guests.


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