How Can Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Benefit Schools?

If you have children, you are probably already familiar with the hectic school run. Being stuck in traffic, finding it difficult to park up, all the while being alertly aware of all the children whizzing past your car. If you have an electric car, you’re probably not thinking about charging, as you won’t be parked up for very long. But what if you’re there for a school concert or a long meeting? Electric vehicle charging stations could be a great choice for parents and guests alike, but are they practical?

Portable electric vehicle (EV) chargers can provide power to EV drivers in remote locations, events and destinations alike. If you don’t want to install a grid charger and leave a legacy behind, then mobile EV chargers could be a great alternative. They can be deployed and taken away easily, so you don’t have to worry about disruption. If you’re considering EV charging points for your local schools, here’s why portable options are the best choice.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points for Events

Each year, schools organise special events that parents can attend. Nativity plays, harvest festivals and sports days are just some of the times parents venture to schools to cheer on their children. As electric vehicles become a more popular option, some parents may feel the benefit of public charging stations to conveniently charge their car as they support their children. Portable EV charging stations can be deployed in the car park or even on grass verges for extra parking, especially if the streets and car parks are getting full. 

The next time you host an event at your school, don’t leave the EV drivers with range anxiety…

Portable EV charging points have always been a great alternative to grid chargers for events. They can be deployed and taken away easily, so you don’t have to worry about leaving behind a legacy. Installing a whole fleet of chargers can be disruptive and won’t be welcomed by parents wanting to park up and drop their kids off. By looking towards portable EV chargers, you can reduce this disruption and even encourage more people to opt for a more sustainable vehicle today. To find out more, visit our services page here.

Peace of Mind for Teachers

Not only do parents sometimes need to park at the school, but teachers do too. They will spend most of their time at the school, so those that drive EVs will definitely benefit from an electric vehicle charging station at work. Also, some teachers might not work all that close to the school. Certain individuals training to be teachers could be placed in a school that is miles away, and if they drive an EV, finding somewhere to charge could be an issue. 

Councillors in Oldham recently criticised a new school’s lack of chargers, complaining about the “lack of infrastructure.” This is where portable EV charging comes in.

Teachers already have enough to worry about without feeling range anxiety. By deploying rentable EV chargers to destinations, you can provide sufficient charge for everyone, helping them get on their way. Mobile EV chargers are also perfect for remote locations and those wishing to provide a whole network for EV drivers. As the country moves forward, businesses and institutions need to too.

How We Can Vehicle Charging Help

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we provide sustainable, battery-storage electric vehicle charging stations to destinations and events across the UK. We even provide a concierge service to ensure that all chargers are working as optimally as possible throughout your rental period.

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