How Do You Charge an Electric Car?

With more of us opting for an electric vehicle (EV), we all need to learn the etiquette and charging rules that will become commonplace in the coming years. Charging at a public car charging station or at home has roughly the same procedure; only, when you’re in public, you need to pay for the use of the charger. There are different procedures in place for various charging points, but how can you figure it out?

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we provide cutting edge battery storage chargers to destinations and events where connecting to the infrastructure is either too expensive or impossible. Our chargers provide EV drivers with the sufficient charge they need to get them on their way. We also provide a concierge service for those who have rented the chargers for peace of mind. If you’ve just purchased your first electric car, but aren’t sure how to navigate the public charging network, read our latest article below.

Context: How are Electric Vehicles Different?

Everyone knows that, when it comes to which car is best for the environment, electric and hybrid cars come out on top every single time. Filling up an electric car is much different than filling up an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, mainly because you don’t ‘fill’ them up at all. Filling up your tank is a simple affair; pump your car up with as much petrol as you see fit, pay, and drive off. Charging a car is different, not just because it takes longer, but because it’s so much cheaper.

Charging points are installed strategically. They can be deployed en route if you need to make a long journey, at destinations such as restaurants and car parks, and even at your place of work. By turning to rented, portable EV charging stations, you don’t have to connect to the grid, and provide guests with the charge they need, whenever they may need it.

Workplaces and Destination Charging

Workplaces across the country are realising that deploying electric vehicle charging in their car parks can not only boost their reputation, but can provide an incentive for current and prospective employees alike. It’s great for employees who have a long commute, taking away the ever-prevalent range anxiety and giving them a full charge, depending on their work hours.

Destination charging applies to a range of different locations. Restaurants, retail parks and hotels alike are all destinations that can help their customers out with a fleet of portable chargers, especially if they’re in locations where connecting to the grid will be expensive. Charging at a destination can be free, especially if you’re on the Tesla network. All destinations are different, so it’s best to enquire first.

Preparing for Long Journeys

When you’ve got a long journey ahead, you’ll need some place to stop off to charge your vehicle. You can usually find these at motorway service stations, allowing drivers to stop off and have a look around before setting off on their journey. There are various rapid chargers scattered across the country, but they’re usually more expensive due to the kilowatts (kW) they produce.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we provide portable EV charging to destinations and events across the country, paying particular attention to off-grid locations. All clients will be provided with a concierge service to keep the chargers working at optimal conditions, giving you peace of mind. To find out more, please fill out our online form, or give us a call on 0800 702 2261.