How to Make Daily Tasks More Sustainable with Electric Vehicles

In recent years, we’ve been informed of all the ways we can help lower our carbon footprint when it comes to travel. Taking public transport, carpooling to work and even walking where we can are all great ways to lower our carbon emissions. Now that electric cars are quickly becoming a first choice for drivers for those all-important EV solutions, we no longer have to feel guilty about taking our car for those short trips.

Our battery storage chargers are the perfect way to charge an electric vehicle (EV) in remote locations, helping areas where connecting to the grid is either too expensive or impossible. To meet the Government’s net zero target by 2050, the first step is looking towards electric cars, and it all starts with those small tasks…

More Chargers at Retail Parks and Supermarkets

EV charging stations are becoming a popular sight across the country, especially at public spaces such as pubs, restaurants and supermarkets. They provide drivers with sufficient charge to get them home, as people are expected to spend quite a while in these locations. Retail parks are seeing the benefits of EV chargers in their car parks, providing EV drivers with more of an incentive to visit.

One factor that usually puts people off buying an electric vehicle is ‘range anxiety.’ This is the fear that their EV won’t get them to their destination without losing charge. The destination charging network is growing, but these charging stations are hard to find in remote locations. By deploying battery storage chargers, we can aid these remote locations to keep them up to date with the EV surge.

Using Less Emissions for Short Drives

We’ve all been there; you need to pop to the shops but you’re too tired to walk, so you get in the car. Sure. it’s the simplest option, but when it’s close enough to walk to, it’s not the best choice for the environment. With electric cars, you don’t need to feel guilty; EV’s release no carbon emissions, although you may need to charge them more if you take them out for small errands constantly.

Unless you want to keep up your exercise regime by walking to the shops and to closer destinations, you don’t need to worry about impacting the environment with an electric car. 

How We Can Help | EV Solutions

Our battery storage chargers are portable and can significantly benefit off-the-grid locations. They can not only help residents keep up with the changes to EV technology, but can encourage tourists to visit and improve income. Our EV solutions can help more people get connected and decrease the debilitating range anxiety that is prevalent.

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