Why You Should Consider a Portable EV Charger If You Live in Off-Grid Locations

On the 1st of April 2022, there were 30,290 public EV charging stations in the UK. However, this does not mean that they are spread out evenly across the country. Currently, data shows that London has more EV chargers than the rest of England’s counties combined. With the 2030 ban being enforced on new petrol and fossil-fuelled cars, it is important to ensure that EV chargers are available throughout; including in smaller towns and remote locations. So, why should you consider a portable EV charger? 

Lack of Public Charge Points

According to studies, in rural areas, there is a charging point every 16 miles, compared to every mile in London. This can put drivers off from converting to electric, as they are unsure of how often they will be able to charge. Compared to petrol and diesel stations which are more frequent. 


A lack of EV chargers can substantially affect their growth going forward. To meet demand, it is said that the UK will need 2.3 million charge points and although the number continues to rise, it is still nowhere near this figure. Also, these are primarily in bigger cities and particularly London. 


Instead of relying on public stations, those living in rural areas should consider a portable EV charger. Not only will this help with queues at public stations and make them more available for other drivers, but you are also guaranteed to have a charge wherever you go. All while helping ease the demand for new public chargers. 

Range Anxiety 

If you live in rural areas, there is a chance that there will only be several charge points available; either at car parks, the local supermarket or on a high street. However, most likely, there will not be enough to meet demand. Especially if the town is a popular weekend escape destination. If there are long queues for a charge point, chances are drivers will not want to wait and risk driving without an added charge. This will cause range anxiety, where EV drivers are unsure that they will make their journey. 


Therefore, a portable EV charger gives freedom to the driver and allows them not to rely on the unstable public EV ecosystem. This way, they get to decide when and where they charge their vehicle. All without worrying about anyone waiting. This is ideal for those who commute to work. As they can set up their portable charging point when parking their car and return after their shift to a desired amount of charge in their vehicle. For more information on destination charging, click here. 

Off-Grid Journeys

Even if you live in a highly-populated area, there is a chance at some point, you will need to drive through the countryside or other remote areas. Whether this is for work, visiting friends or you just fancy a long journey. But, when it comes to electric vehicles, available EV charge points need to be considered before setting off. 


EV drivers may be concerned that if they get lost and continue to drive around, this will waste charge and could potentially leave them stranded. Especially if there aren’t any public chargers available nearby. This is where a portable EV charger can be the saving grace. Keeping one always in your vehicle means that you will never run out of charge. If you are lost, drivers can simply park their car to charge whilst they figure out where they are and plan a route back. 

Elite EV Charge

Here at Elite EV Charge, our team of experts provide both temporary and permanent EV charge points for drivers across the UK. We understand that not every location will have enough EV chargers to meet the demand. Especially in smaller towns, off-grid and remote locations. 


That is why a portable EV charger can be a great investment. Drivers do not want to worry about their next available public charging station. Whether this is for long journeys or portable charging at an event. 


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