Post-Lockdown Events that can Benefit from EV Charging

As we anxiously await the lifting of all lockdown restrictions, some individuals and businesses are more nervous than anyone else. From engaged couples waiting to tie the knot, to event organisers who have been delaying their shows for over a year, it’s been hard to see a way out. As a country, we’ve also come on in leaps and bounds in our attitudes towards electric vehicles (EVs), and there’s more of a demand for electric vehicle charging points.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we provide portable electric car chargers to destinations and events across the UK. Our cutting-edge battery storage technology provides power to all kinds of EV’s, with no need to connect to the grid. With several events postponed and rescheduled, we need to accommodate for EV drivers who have waited just as long as everybody else…

Vehicle Charging Points at Weddings

Hundreds of engaged couples across the country have had to cancel and rearrange their nuptials because of the pandemic. Although weddings have been allowed to take place, this is only with limited attendance. Therefore, couples are waiting to tie the knot in front of their entire family and friendship groups, but it’s currently unclear as to when this may be. With this in mind, it’s time to start preparing for the often forgotten-about factors of the big day, with EV charging now a conundrum for some.

Our portable EV chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging can be hired out to weddings and christenings alike, perfect suited for outdoor and indoor events. Our chargers can charge an electric car in the car park whilst your loved ones enjoy your big day, taking away any worries or range anxiety drivers may have. To find out more about our event charging services, please visit us here.

Music Events and Festivals

The summer festival season was non-existent last year, but this time around, it’s looking hopeful. As more music festivals across the country open their doors to revellers once more, EV drivers may have the extra worry of looking for a charging station and planning out their route. Although this is possible through Zap Map, festival-goers shouldn’t have to worry about getting home from a fun weekend.

Our battery storage vehicle charging points can be deployed off-the-grid, making them the perfect choice for festivals in the middle of fields. There’s no need to connect to the grid, which gives event organisers more of an incentive to rent chargers rather than pay through the nose by connecting to the EV charging network.

Sporting Events

Slowly but surely, sports fans have been allowed back into venues at limited capacity. Football and snooker are just two sports who have recently welcomed fans back, and when lockdown restrictions lift completely, more fans will need to be accommodated for in terms of parking. By deploying portable EV chargers to events such as the Euro 2020 final and Wimbledon, we can decrease the range anxiety of spectators, allowing them to enjoy the game and feel more accommodated for.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we care deeply about our planet, and we believe everyone across the country should be able to charge their EV, whether they’re connected to the grid or not. Our chargers can be deployed in remote locations to help keep them up to date with the EV surge. By starting with events, we can expand to these areas as demand keeps escalating. To find out more, or to consider hiring our chargers for your events, please fill out our online form, or give us a call on 0800 702 2261.