Why is Volvo’s Partnership with the Eden Project Important?

As the demand for electric vehicles rise and more car manufacturers and EV charging companies promote greener solutions, it is important to make sure drivers are aware of the substantial benefits of converting to carbon-free vehicles. Volvo is one of the biggest companies that have planned to produce only electric cars by 2030, helping lower their emissions. It is important for other companies to follow suit, making more steps to a carbon-free society on the roads.

But how will this affect EV charging companies? Currently, though more electric cars are being produced, there are not enough chargers to meet demand. It is important to publicise the importance of electric charging at as many events as possible; attracting more guests and highlighting the motion to make the planet more environmentally friendly.

The Eden Project

Based in Cornwall, The Eden Project promotes eco-friendly living and shows the relationship between people and the environment around them. Attracting around one million visitors every year, it has permanent and temporary exhibits that advocate people to recognise their surroundings more and convert to more sustainable solutions; lowering the planet’s carbon footprint.

Now, the attraction has struck a deal with car manufacturers Volvo for a permanent electric vehicle exhibit for visitors. As part of their long-term partnership, Volvo has donated both their Volvo XC40 and the new C40 Recharge, letting people book test drives throughout the working days. It is the first EV-only test facility, allowing visitors to drive an electric car and fully understand the benefits of converting to a non-fossil fuelled vehicle.


Much like at Elite, The Eden Project also makes sure sustainability is at the frontline of all they do. It advocates a safer way of living, showcasing how daily activities are affecting the planet and ways to cut these out of society. Having electric car test drives can allow people to see how easy it is to drive and teach those who do not understand the benefits. The Eden Project is a learning facility and this new exhibit will surely help the sales of EVs.

From this, EV charging companies should consider how charging stations or home charging points could affect the community. Though there are benefits, too much power could overcharge the local grid, putting more stress on the network. Alternatives should be considered including temporary and permanent portable chargers.

Our Services: The Best EV Charging Companies

Elite EV Charge offers and delivers a number of portable EV charging solutions across the UK. We want to help the planet move to more greener and more sustainable travel methods; lowering its carbon footprint. Over the past few years, many EV charging companies and car manufacturers have been making sustainability a priority and here at Elite, we want to work in tandem for this ultimate goal.

Destination charging is a great way to charge on the go, not needing to queue at charging stations. Whether it’s making off-grid locations accessible or assuring there are charging points available at events such as football matches and music festivals. For more information on destination charging and how portable EV charging solutions can aid your driving, click here.

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