Why Portable EV Chargers are Needed Sooner Rather Than Later

In recent months, larger electric vehicle (EV) charging companies have taken the initiative to develop innovative portable charging solutions for EV drivers across the country. It comes after various different concerns were raised about grid chargers; they aren’t easily accessible for some, and they can be incredibly disruptive. Residents on a street in Plymouth were recently left annoyed when they weren’t consulted about the installation of grid chargers. This led to severe disruption in terms of traffic and parking. Portable chargers are perfect for destination and event EV charging alike, and they’re desperately needed across the country…

There are now more electric vehicle charging stations than petrol stations, but they are located in populated areas such as large towns and cities. The electric vehicle revolution is upon us, so we need potable chargers to meet this rising demand. Now more than ever…

Demand is Drastically Increasing

The benefits of driving an EV are becoming more prominent, influencing more people to take the leap and trade in their internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. Grid chargers are popping up in every town and city, but they can’t be found everywhere. More remote locations such as the Scottish Highlands don’t have as many chargers as other locations in the UK, which can affect tourism and anyone living in the area wishing to convert to electric. EV drivers will be less likely to visit these picturesque locations, which can put a hindrance on the local economy.

Also, events such as sports games and music festivals could also suffer if portable EV charging points are not brought along sooner. People with EVs can experience range anxiety if there isn’t a charging hub nearby. If they have to travel a long distance to your event, their vehicle may not get them home without breaking down. Therefore, providing rentable EV chargers means you don’t have to install chargers that will be obsolete when the event isn’t taking place. To find out more about our event EV charging points, please visit us on our website here.

As Covid Departs, Larger Events Arrive

As previously mentioned, events need to keep up with the demand for EV chargers. The pandemic forced lots of music festivals to be postponed and sporting events to be played without any crowds. EV sales increased drastically in 2020, reaching a growth of over 40% in global sales. Now large-scale events have returned, are they ready for the number of electric vehicle drivers that will be attending? So many different events and locations have chosen to install chargers, but they can be disruptive, and renting EV chargers can actually prove cheaper and more practical.

Event EV charging needs to turn to portable chargers so they can be taken away easily at the end of the event. It’s no good installing chargers for an event that lasts for three days. Therefore, by introducing mobile EV charging, you can help drivers fully charge their vehicles without worry, so they can enjoy the event without experiencing range anxiety.

Can the Grid Meet the Demand? Our Event EV Chargers

There have been numerous questions asked about whether the grid can meet the demand of EV charging. Soon enough, everyone will be driving an EV, and the grid needs to prepare for this. If the grid becomes overwhelmed, it can end up damaging the chargers and causing them to break. This makes the chargers obsolete, leaving drivers frustrated and without charge. Our portable EV chargers here at Elite can support the grid as well as operate as stand-alone chargers. We even provide a concierge service to ensure that your chargers are working optimally.

We wish to see the planet thrive in an EV future, but this cannot be achieved without sufficient EV charge. To find out more, or to receive a quote, please give us a call on 0800 702 2661. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form here.