Can You Leave an EV Charging Overnight?

The lead up to the 2030 ban will come sooner than you’d think; as people start to make the switch to carbon-free driving solutions. But there is still a lot of EV charging questions that some may need the answers to. Sooner rather than later. 

EV charging may be a reason some drivers are put off. Certain topics surrounding range anxiety, in which drivers may worry about there being a lack of fast-charging stations, and how to charge their car should be answered and understood before any purchase is made. Check out this helpful guide on EV charging.


Can You Leave Your EV Charging Overnight?

Typically, for those charging their electric car at home, this is standard practice. It means you do not have to take time out of your day to recharge your electric vehicle, whether this is on the way home from work or on a journey. Charging your car overnight means that it will be ready for the morning. Many electric car companies will offer certain features, such as apps, that will allow drivers to control the charging times. This is to help make sure that not as much electricity will be wasted, whilst ensuring that it has enough charge for the morning.

For those charging at home, you should consider charging your car at off-peak hours, such as in the early morning. This is also to save electricity, as fewer appliances are less likely to be running.


Can You Overcharge Electric Cars?

Within the EV charging management system, there is no risk of overcharging. This is because the charging systems will start to slow down once it starts to reach 100%. Then at full capacity, it will switch to “trickle charging”; which forces the EV to self-discharge, then re-charge until the cable is removed. Make sure to stop the EV charging process at this point, as this will drive up your electricity rate.

Also, it is recommended not to leave your electric vehicle at full charging capacity. After having your car charged at 100% for over 8 hours, the electric car battery may start to deteriorate and negatively affect your driving in the long term. We suggest between 70% and 80% to make sure this problem is avoided.


Portable EV Chargers

However, there are some downsides to home charging points. Too much electricity could potentially disrupt the local grid, or if the charging is not monitored, drive up your electricity costs. For this, alternatives should be considered. 

If your car is stored in a garage, instead of a home charging point you can use a portable EV charger to ensure it has enough charge for the morning. Or, you can use it whilst you are out and about. Perfect for whilst you are working or out shopping. 


Elite EV Charging

Here at Elite, we offer a wide range of charging services for electric cars across the UK. Whether this is for temporary or permanent solutions, portable EV chargers are a great way to ensure that you remain fully charged no matter the journey. We understand the importance of lowering the planet’s carbon footprint; one charger at a time. 

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