Which Football Stadiums Need More EV Charging Points?

Who doesn’t love a good football match? The whole culture of wearing your favourite team’s colours, making your way to the stadium; full of anxiety and anticipation. Not even caring about standing in the cold and rain. However, for electric vehicle (EV) drivers, their experience could be improved with the increase of more EV charging points at stadiums.

This includes major grounds that are home to Premier League clubs, that can hold up to tens of thousands of spectators. But, which football stadiums could benefit from the addition of more EV charging points?

All rankings are accurate at the time of publishing.

Chelsea – Stamford Bridge

Currently 3rd in the table, trailing behind Man City by 11 points, Chelsea is actually leading the EV revolution in football. Surrounding the Stamford Bridge stadium area, there are 20 charging stations; meaning there are 586 points per fan. The club does not recommend driving to the grounds, as there is a lack of parking spaces. However, if necessary, EV drivers will be accommodated with local charging points; though, it would be a first-come first-charge basis. On the other hand, with portable EV charging points, this would not be an issue.

Most recently, Chelsea’s partner, Hyundai, has supplied their women’s team with the first batch of KONA Electrive SUVs and has installed 6 EV charging points at the training ground. It further adds to the EV revolution and the campaign to “Turn the Blues Green“.

Liverpool – Anfield

Just trailing behind by one point, Liverpool is currently 2nd in the Premier League. However, this does not reflect the table in regard to EV charging points available. In the area surrounding Anfield Stadium, there is only one charge point

For EV drivers that have to travel by car to football games, this will surely cause problems with “range anxiety”, as chances are they will not be able to charge their electric car at a station due to the lack of points. Event charging would be a great alternative to this problem; setting up temporary EV charging points for match days, so drivers can charge their vehicle whilst the game is on.

Stadiums That Do Not Have Any EV Charging Points

Then there are stadiums that do not even have one charging point in the surrounding area. For example, Aston Villa’s Villa Park has 0 charging points available. It suggests a lack of EV infrastructure for drivers wanting to support their teams. With thousands of fans for every game, it is important to make these changes and turn to more carbon-free solutions.

Based in Liverpool, Everton’s stadium Goodison Park also has 0 charging opportunities for EV drivers. However, its new stadium which is currently being built at Bramley-Moore Dock, is set to be one of the most sustainable in the Premier League. Using recyclable materials and promoting sustainable transport, the new stadium is also will be installing EV charging points.

Elite EV Charge

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