Destination Charging Solutions for Taxis

As the world becomes more environmentally inclined, electrical vehicles (EVs) are becoming the norm in major cities around the UK. In London alone, there are almost 6,000 destination charging points, in major and residential spots. The overall goal is for every car to be carbon-free and stop adding to the ever-growing pollution levels. This year, with the latest petrol crisis, has seen sales of electric cars (nearly 33,000) soar by almost 50% from the previous year. With this figure in mind, it is important for different groups and companies to contribute and work towards carbon-free solutions.
Taxis are the ideal candidate to further this mission, as most ranks are open 24/7 and are constantly available around towns and cities. London alone has almost 4,000 electrical taxis operating and its biggest taxi service working towards becoming fully electric by 2023. There are many benefits of electric cars that are listed on our website, including improving local air quality, reducing noise and cutting carbon emissions. With taxis taking up a high percentage of road users, especially on weekend nights, prioritising their move to electrical is key.
Below is a list of problems taxi drivers may face that can be solved through electrical conversion and destination charging.

Save Time and Money

Taxi drivers, like all drivers, should consider switching to an electric vehicle to save not just carbon emissions, but time spent in garages for maintenance. Driving full time means having to deal with maintenance troubles more than most and the maintenance on an electric vehicle is much easier and quicker than of a regular vehicle. In 2020, drivers of EV’s saved an average of 50% on maintenance and repair. This means taxis needing work wouldn’t need their vehicle out of commission compared to regular petrol-driven vehicles.
Having a portable vehicle charging point for your taxi or private hire car means saving time spent needing to go to petrol stations. Depending on the specific routes, some taxis could be driving hundreds of miles each night, adding to carbon pollution every night. By having a portable charger, electric taxis don’t need to worry about filling up at petrol stations and limiting their time between journeys. If they start running low, they can pull over anywhere and charge their vehicles between commissions.

Range Anxiety

Range anxiety is an issue that a lot of electric vehicle drivers deal with. Not knowing when the next available vehicle charging point can stress drivers out and although the amount of points is increasing as time goes on, there are still not enough. Even still, these EV points that are being added are primarily in major cities, towns and key locations. In comparison, small villages and residential areas away from cities could suffer from a lack of electrical points and increase their levels of range anxiety. Having portable destination charging eliminates this problem.
Each night, a single taxi driver could have various different customers with varying journey lengths. Usually, it is unknown what the working day will consist of and how long each ride will last. For electrical taxis, having a portable EV charging point will be ideal as they don’t have to worry about not making the journey. Stressing about where electrical points are, especially in residential small towns and villages, can put drivers off switching to an electric vehicle. This is particular for taxi drivers, as this is their livelihood and an unnecessary problem to consider. However, using a mobile EV charging service can relieve these worries and allow taxi drivers to complete each journey stress-free.

Helpful Tip:

  • If you are worried about wasting charge with features such as air conditioning for your passengers, precondition your car whilst charging. It means the car will be at the right temperature when you are driving and you don’t have to waste any of it on journeys. It will allow more charge for your driving and more time for paid journeys.

Our Services

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we want to support UK businesses towards carbon-free solutions, with destination charging and offer a mobile EV charging service. We want to combat climate change, making sure portable EV charging points are easily accessible and convenient for every event and lifestyle. Portable EV chargers can lower a company’s carbon footprint significantly and we want to be a dedicated contributing factor to this ultimate goal.
One charger at a time.
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