2022 Sports That Would Gain From EV Charging Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many things worldwide. Families, social events, weddings and funerals – for most the last couple of years have been on hold. This is precedent in sporting events around the globe. With the 2020 Olympics pushed back to Summer 2021, this set off a chain of events that changed schedules across various sports, including football and rugby. Check out this list of the major UK sports events for 2022 and how EV charging solutions would be beneficial for these tournaments.

Cheltenham Festival

  • When – 15 – 18 March 
  • Where – Cheltenham Racecourse 

Cheltenham Festival is one of the biggest horse racing events in the UK, attracting thousands of spectators each year. In 2021, the festival was pushed back to October, due to lockdown restrictions tightening and more cases of COVID spreading. Though races went ahead, there was a decrease in the number of people in the crowd; less than a quarter of the 68,859 capacity. With the inclusion of COVID passes, horse race fans are expected to come in masses to the racecourse, in suits and extravagant hats.  

The racecourse has already started to offer carbon-free solutions and has two “fast charge” electric points near the Hall of Fame entrance. However, due to the high capacity that is expected, this will surely not be enough. Having a portable EV charging point will ease the stress for EV drivers that they potentially will not have a charging spot. This can remove range anxiety and allow fans to only have to worry about whether their horse will cross the line first.

Wimbledon Grand Slam

  • When – 27 June – 10 July
  • Where – All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club

From the first game in 1877, Wimbledon has maintained its position as the biggest tennis event in the UK; being the only Grand Slam event still played on grass and making it the fastest. 

Currently, the club has no EV charging solutions available. However, as London wants to become fully electric by 2030, it seems this will have to change in the future. There are many different ways our services can be implemented here. Event Charging allows electric drivers to relax when it comes to transport, especially for sporting events. Wimbledon could benefit from this, as the Grand Slam is one of the busiest two weeks for the club. Hiring EV charging solutions may just be the first step towards becoming permanently carbon-free, however, it would allow electric drivers to feel relaxed and welcomed amongst the other drivers. For more information, visit the Event Charging page.

UEFA Women’s Euro 

  • When – 6 – 31 July
  • Where – Wembley Stadium

Much like other sporting events, the UEFA Women’s Euros were pushed back from Summer 2021 to 2022. With the final being held at Wembley, it will be the second tournament since the number of teams increased to 16. 

At the moment, there are 10 electric car charging points, with London offering a range of charging points around the area. However, for those not wanting to fight over charging points, this may be a worry as they don’t want to have to park so far away from the stadium, to ensure their vehicle gets charged. EV drivers may want to consider portable EV charging. This means that they can still park at the stadium and not have to worry about their vehicle not charging. 

Commonwealth Games

  • When – 28 July – 8 August
  • Where – Alexander Stadium

The Commonwealth Games have a history with EV charging solutions. In 1998, Kuala Lumpur supplied a number of the first Malaysian electric cars (Elektriksuria) to transport officials. Technology-wise, this has since progressed, with organisers of Birmingham’s games stating they will be carbon-neutral for the first time; compared to in 1998 where the cars could only travel 100m before needing to charge. This will most probably include 100% of official vehicles being electric for the first time in Commonwealth history.

The 2022 Commonwealth Games will be the first in the new revamped Alexander Stadium and could benefit massively from different EV charging solutions. At Elite Vehicle Charging, we aim to provide both temporary and permanent charging solutions to satisfy different lifestyles’ needs. For the Commonwealth, using Event Charging would help the event remain carbon-free.  

Rugby League World Cup

  • When – 15 October – 19 November
  • Where – Final at Old Trafford

Originally in 2021, before both Australia and New Zealand pulled out due to restrictions, the Rugby League World Cup was rescheduled for October 2022. It is a first, as the men’s, women’s and wheelchair users’ tournaments will be shown in parity, with all players being paid the same.

The games are played in different venues around England, from smaller stadiums like the Keepmoat in Doncaster, to the final at Old Trafford in Manchester. There are plenty of opportunities to have EV charging solutions, either temporary or permanent, depending on the popularity of the stadium.

If sports are not your idea of a good time, make sure to check out our previous article on Music Festivals of 2022 and be updated on how EV charging solutions can add to your experience.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we want to support UK businesses towards carbon-free solutions, with destination charging and offer mobile EV charging solutions. We want to combat climate change, making sure portable EV charging points are easily accessible and convenient for your sporting events and lifestyle choices. 

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