Different Ways to Drive an Electric Vehicle

Like all cars, there are different purchasing and hiring options when looking towards an electric vehicle (EV). Demand is increasing for greener options when it comes to cars and vans. This increases the need for more destination chargers and mobile EV charging in order to decrease the range anxiety that a lot of EV drivers have. With a range of different payment options, anyone can drive a brand-new electric car.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charge, we provide mobile electric vehicle charging to destinations and events in off-the-grid locations across the UK. Our mobile EV chargers provide cutting-edge EV technology that is flexible and scalable to off-grid places where there is a high demand over a fixed short period of time. The destination charging network and infrastructure is sparse in these areas. We aim to accommodate EV drivers in remote locations by providing rapid charging no matter where they are.

Buying Upfront

This is only really an option for people with the money to spare. However, buying an electric car upfront means that the brand-new vehicle is all yours for as long as you need. Individuals are attracted to the paying upfront aspect mainly because the vehicle is completely theirs, but it isn’t always the best option. Electric cars can be expensive to buy up front, and they’re sure to depreciate in cost as the demand increases. Many people opt for financing or leasing when looking at more expensive cars. It’s a much cheaper option, but it all comes down to preference.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charge, we’re here to meet this growing demand; providing charging solutions to EV drivers in off-the-grid locations. Charging an electric car can be difficult when on long journeys, especially if you run low on charge. Therefore, by providing mobile EV charging, we can ensure drivers at both destinations and events can charge at their own convenience instead of having to religiously plan their journey. 


Financing allows you to drive around in a new or old vehicle on a contract of monthly payments. Once you’ve paid your final instalment, you can either choose to own the vehicle or opt for a new one. Financing is a great option if you can’t afford a car upfront. It allows you to drive around in a brand-new car for a much better price. However, you usually have to pay interest unless your deal is 0% finance. There’s also less security in knowing the car isn’t really yours until the end of the contract.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we care deeply about the planet and are working hard to make the UK as carbon neutral as possible. Our fully charging mobile EV chargers are the perfect choice for off-the-grid locations. There’s no need for an impossible connection to the infrastructure. Although your home charging point can get you to work and back, you’ll need to make stops on long drives. We aim to fill the void in remote areas to keep EV drivers charged up. 


By leasing a vehicle, you can drive a top-of-the-range brand-new vehicle for a fraction of the price. You can have the vehicle on a set contract, but you must return it at the end, with no extra cost needed. However, the car won’t be yours, and any major damage will be at a detriment to your contract. Although, when it comes to driving an electric vehicle, it can cut the cost significantly; so it’s an option to seriously consider. 

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, our chargers support all makes and models of electric vehicles. By providing more electric car charging points to off-the-grid locations, we aim to increase demand for EV’s and accommodate drivers who have to rely on their home charger to get them from A to B. To find out more about our services, or to enquire about renting our mobile chargers for your event, please give us a call on 0800 702 2661.


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