Off-the-Grid Locations for Electric Vehicle Chargers

There’s currently a rise in demand for electric vehicles, chargers and sustainable fuel alternatives. So much so, that the Government needs to meet this demand efficiently. Charging stations are hard to come by in off-the-grid areas; mainly because it is either too expensive or impossible to install. Therefore, mobile electric car chargers are the way forward, but where can we deploy them?

The answer to that question is simple; battery storage mobile EV chargers can be deployed anywhere. Of course, they’re more practical in off-the-grid areas; but they’re a great alternative in highly populated spaces, such as public car parks and service stations. In order to decrease mile and range anxiety, we need to deploy more battery-powered charging points in order to accommodate EV drivers in remote locations.

Retail Car Parks Electric Vehicle Chargers

Car parks in supermarkets and restaurants are great places to deploy electric vehicle chargers in remote locations. People can leave their cars whilst they go about their business. Even if it doesn’t fully charge the vehicle, there’s still some charge there that can go a long way. Off-the-grid locations tend to be forgotten about when it comes to EV charging. Our battery storage chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging aim to accommodate for the lack of infrastructure in a less expensive manner.

Our mission is to keep up with the demand for electric vehicles by deploying mobile chargers to off-the-grid locations, whether these be destination chargers or hired out to events. The “electric range” sometimes puts prospective EV drivers off. However, with more charging stations deployed across the country; this anxiety will soon be a thing of the past. By providing these chargers to supermarkets and retail establishments, you can decrease these fears; allowing people to charge their vehicles whilst they shop, giving them more time in the day.

Electric Vehicle Chargers at Service Stations

Individuals who drive petrol and diesel cars don’t usually have to worry about making it to their chosen destination without running out of petrol. There are service stations scattered across the country. So, if you do see that you’re running low, there won’t be a service station too far away. But when it comes to EV charging, some off-the-grid locations don’t cater to EV drivers, which can leave them stumped and fearful of losing charge.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we deploy EV chargers to remote locations across the country, including destinations and events. The demand for chargers and the infrastructure available don’t correlate, so battery storage chargers are the optimal choice for off-the-grid locations. If you’re looking for EV chargers for hire, get in touch with us today by calling 0800 702 2661.

Events and Stadiums/Arenas

When you organise to go to an event or festival, one of the things you need to figure out is how you’re going to get there. For those who drive petrol and diesel cars, filling up is never really an issue. For fully electric and plug-in hybrid drivers, there’s always the concern of the range of charging points. By deploying mobile chargers to these events, you can accommodate all kinds of drivers, and encourage more people to attend your event.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we’re dedicated to lowering the country’s carbon footprint. By deploying portable electric battery storage chargers, we can encourage more people to take the plunge and go electric. By decreasing fears of range by making charging more available, we can fully prepare the nation’s drivers before petrol and diesel cars cease to be manufactured.


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