Vehicle Charging Points at Shopping Malls; The Benefits

At this time of year, shopping centres across the country are filled with members of the public anxiously and excitedly buying presents. At most large-scale shopping malls, there will be designated spots in the customer car park for electric vehicles (EVs). Although these are a great idea to get more people connected, they are few and far between. As more people opt for an electric or hybrid vehicle, there needs to be more provisions on the roads for EV drivers. Installing chargers at shopping malls can be expensive and disruptive, but luckily, there are portable vehicle charging points on offer…

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we can deploy our portable EV charging stations to locations across the country, paying attention to off-grid destinations and events, both regular and annual. Our EV charging solutions are great for all scenarios, and won’t leave an imprint behind and cause disruption. Destination charging is becoming an increasingly important issue in the EV world, as people still don’t feel that there are enough chargers. With portable chargers, we can ease these worries. 

Considering ‘Drive-Ins’

In Santa Clara, California, change is in the air in terms of EV charging. The Westfield Valley Fair shopping centre has proposed an idea to install 14 ultra-fast chargers as a hub, where visitors can park their cars, but they don’t have to leave them there. EV drivers can order food from the restaurants in the mall and have it delivered to their car as it charges. It’s a game-changer, and can really highlight the benefits of EV charging stations. It’s also a concept that could be perfect for shopping centres in the UK, as people could simply call to their local mall, order some food and wait for their car to get some charge.

These drive-ins are a great way to introduce non-EV drivers to a more sustainable vehicle, especially if they’re simply there as an incentive. Many fear that their car will run out of charge, but this isn’t the case if their locations were promoted more. Our portable vehicle charging points can be deployed at all shopping centres, providing effective destination charging locations in the driver’s nearest vicinity. To find out more about our services, please visit us here.

Long Shops Means Long Charging Times

When most people venture out to a shopping centre, they often plan to be there for a while; visit a few shops, get some food then maybe do a bit more shopping before making the journey home. When people have an electric car, it seems redundant to bring the vehicle shopping and not charge it as it sits there for a few hours. If your battery is low, topping it up can make all the difference between making it home and standing in traffic and breaking down. As more people go electric, the demand on the grid increases, and some places won’t be able to support more chargers.

As we grow, it is vitally important that we don’t leave anyone out and accommodate all EV drivers. Portable stations can be deployed and taken away with ease. If you find that you have installed too many chargers at your centre, you could find that you have wasted time, money and caused unnecessary disruption. Portable chargers can allow you to see how many you need, allowing you to be more practical with your decision making.

Decreasing Range Anxiety

Range anxiety is a big issue amongst potential EV drivers. Many are filled with the false notion that there aren’t many EV charging stations in the UK, which simply isn’t true. However, in more off-grid locations such as the Lake District, chargers are hard to come by. Therefore, some drivers have a right to be worried. Some shopping centres may not have the capacity to support a whole fleet of chargers, which is why portable EV charging points are the perfect solution.

Our chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging come with a complimentary concierge service, ensuring that your chargers are working as optimally as possible throughout your rental period. We can provide our services to your shopping centre, helping accommodate EV drivers and attract more people to your facilities. To find out more about our vehicle charging points, or to receive a quotation, please get in touch with us today by calling 0800 702 2661. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form here.