Why Hotels Should Consider Portable EV Charging

The sale of electric vehicles is on the rise, as sales of diesel and petrol are down. Alongside this, we have more people deciding to stay at home and have their holidays in the UK after the pandemic. There will soon be more electric cars on the roads, hence the need for businesses to prepare. 

The UK Government announced in November 2020 that the sale of diesel and petrol cars are to be banned by 2030. Many venues are already stepping up their efforts to benefit from the continually growing demands for EV charging stations. 

If the decision to install an EV charge point on your property seems like something you might be interested in considering, then why not try a portable charger first? 

At Elite Vehicle Charging, we are dedicated to providing you with both temporary and permanent rentable charging points for electrical vehicles across the UK. We believe that there should be more off the grid areas available to electric vehicles drivers. In hopes of minimising the EV charging anxiety when it comes to the range, they can travel on the charge they have and encourage more people to join the going green team!

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Why Install EV Charging at Your Hotel

One reason to install an EV charging station is the positive customer reviews from EV drivers but there are multiple benefits to trying our portable EV charger, here are just a few:

  • You have the opportunity to attract more guests who have an EV that needs charging overnight.
  • You will be able to advertise your hotel by choosing to appear on online apps and maps that publicise charging point locations.
  • You’ll offer something different and be ahead of your competitors for the big change in 2030.
  • You also gain the opportunity to play your part in saving the environment and in boosting your environmental credentials. 

The Future of EV’s and Hotels  

Electric vehicles are increasing in popularity, the range has improved dramatically over the years, meaning drivers can now travel further than in previous years. The charging speed is also increasing to as little as 30 minutes, so drivers will no longer worry about trying to find time to charge their cars during their busy schedules. 

For hotels, the majority of your guests will soon be looking for EV charging solutions while they are on the move. Charging anxiety over the inability to charge their car overnight or during peak times could seal the fate of a potential guest if you don’t have the right facilities. 

How to Choose the Right EV Charging Solution for Your Hotel

Once you have decided whether installing an EV charging point is beneficial to your hotel, comes the option of whether or not you want a temporary portable charger or a permanent charging point. For further information on the best EV charging solution for your hotel, call us on 0800 702 2661 or email us at info@elite-evcharge.com, or fill out our online form here.