EV Drivers Recieve Charging Boost From Major Supermarkets

EV drivers are expected to benefit from a significant increase in EV chargers at supermarkets and retail locations across the nation. The UK’s M&S stores will now all have high-speed electric vehicle charge points thanks to a contract signed by Marks & Spencer and BP Pulse. According to the agreement, 900 initial electric vehicle charge points will be installed in about 70 of M&S’ national stores over the course of the next two years by M&S and BP Pulse, BP’s electric vehicle charging company.

What Is The Plan?

Over the next two years, Marks & Spencer plans to install up to 900 EV charging stations outside its 70 stores. With the help of a partnership with BP pulse, the retailer plans to increase charging capacity by up to 40,000-kilowatt hours. As a result of successful pilot installations, 15 rapid (50kW) charge points are already operational and accessible to the general public at M&S Maidstone Eclipse and Southgate.

According to Volkswagen, issues with inadequate provision indicate that the availability of charging points would now deter 36% of potential EV buyers, up from just 29% during the prior quarter.

What Does This Mean For EV Drivers?

The addition of EV charging stations by Marks & Spencer means that EV drivers will have easy access to stations, and other significant supermarkets will follow their lead. Additionally, this shows that the world is moving toward a society that is more environmentally conscious. For a while now, there has been a shortage of EV charging stations. When it comes to charging availability, the field is not level nationwide. This plan will therefore help all EV drivers have easier access to charging.

How Do I Use The Charging Stations?

To use the charging stations, drivers must sign up for a BP Pulse account and use an RFID card or an app on their smartphone. The charging network operator provides monthly subscription plans in addition to pay-as-you-go bundles. This makes using the charging station quick and easy for EV drivers. However, pay-as-you-go is another option for charging without creating an account.

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