Elite Electric Talk: Heated Seatbelts

Electric vehicles and cold weather do not mix well. The range and battery may not operate as efficiently due to the effects of the cold weather. However, due to the rapid advancement of technology, 2023 will see the introduction of heated seatbelts for electric vehicles, which will be an essential extra for all EV drivers. At the moment, plans for mass production are yet to be confirmed. In this article, the Elite Electric team will discuss the available information.

How Do Heated Seatbelts Work?

Owners of electric vehicles who reside in particularly cold climates will no longer have to choose between comfort and range. The heated seatbelt provides uniform body heating with little power consumption from either your 12V system or battery pack. Additionally, the seatbelt provides total comfort from the neck to the hips, enabling drivers to remain as warm and comfortable as possible while driving. The heated seatbelt is built on a unique webbing with built-in heating conductors that only slightly increase the webbing’s thickness. This facilitates integration for car manufacturers and provides passengers with the same comfort as standard seat belt webbing.

The Benefits Of Heated Seatbelts

Heated seatbelts have many advantages, especially in terms of safety. The heated seatbelt’s ability to keep you warm and comfortable is a safety advantage because it keeps drivers from becoming irritable and losing focus during long car trips. Additionally, research demonstrates that when drivers are cold or uncomfortable while operating a vehicle, they are more likely to become distracted while operating the vehicle and make less sensible and smart decisions. The overall safety of a passenger is increased by wearing a seatbelt by 45%, so when passengers are warm and comfortable, they are more likely to make sure they are safely buckled in.

Heated seatbelts will significantly reduce the amount of energy required to hear the interior while also delivering an all-around comfortable and enjoyable experience. Owners of electric vehicles are aware that using the climate controls in the winter can significantly reduce range by up to 40%. However, using heated seats in conjunction with the heat belts could increase range by 15%.

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