How Can Portable EV Chargers Benefit the Races?

As we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and make our way out of lockdown, more and more events are beginning to take place. Major football tournaments and music festivals have been given the green light for the summer months, as well as popular races such as Ascot. As these events welcome more people back, there’s one important factor they need to consider; electric vehicle (EV) event charging.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, our cutting-edge battery storage chargers can be deployed to locations across the country, even in remote locations where connecting to the grid is either impossible or too expensive. We even provide a concierge service to keep all rented chargers in optimal working condition. Are you considering a day at the races this summer? If you have an electric car, you don’t need to worry…

Reduces the Event’s Carbon Footprint

Popular events such as Ascot, the FA cup final and Wimbledon attract thousands of guests, which leads to more carbon emissions, in more ways than one. These people may travel in their internal combustion engine vehicles, and will need food and resources, leading to more plastic waste. By implementing more electric vehicle charging stations, events can show they’re taking the necessary steps to help the planet.
By displaying your dedication to the planet, you can boost your reputation and attract more publicity. Our portable electric vehicle chargers don’t need to connect to the infrastructure, providing a more flexible charging service to guests. If you would like to find out more about our services, please visit us here.

Attracts More Environmentally Conscious Guests

As we move to a more electric future, you’ll start to notice more people opting for an electric vehicle, especially as we steamroll towards the Government’s 2030 plan. By providing more EV charging points, you can appeal to a wider audience, and therefore attract more guests to your event. People come from far and wide to the races, and if you have portable EV chargers, you can increase your guest roster.
With more EV chargers and green initiatives comes more rave reviews, making your event more attractive to a much wider audience. To find out more about the benefits of EV event charging, read our previous article here.

A Practical EV Solution

As more people turn towards an electric vehicle, the demand for public chargers has increased significantly, and there aren’t enough scattered around off-the-grid locations. As a country, we need to meet this demand to encourage more people to drive an EV, and event charging is the perfect way to achieve this.
For racing events such as Ascot to keep up with the times and include EV chargers, it presents a positive message that fully electric driving is the way forward. It provides a great incentive for EV drivers to attend more events, and can boost the already stellar reputation of events such as Ascot. If you would like more information, please give us a call on 0800 702 2261. Alternatively, if you would like a quote, please fill out our online form.