How Destination Charging is Promoting Sustainable Tourism

With the growth of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure across Europe and especially in the UK, we’re seeing an increased incentive for tourists to travel over from European destinations using their electric vehicles. Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we’re committed to the growth of destination and event charging in the UK. 

Through advanced, sustainable refuelling solutions, we’re confident that we can support the EV industry and the UK’s expansion in infrastructure as we head towards 2030, where the UK plans to meet its sustainability quota – prohibiting the manufacture of internal combustion engine vehicles (ICE).

What is Destination Charging?

By definition, destination charging means to charge upon arrival. With destination charging you have the option for a few hours or charging your vehicle overnight if you arrive at locations such as hotels.

Locations are refuelling stations for EV’s but, in recent years has expanded to more commonplace areas such as restaurants, gyms and shopping centres – locations in which vehicle owners tent spend a lengthy period of time.

Why is Destination Charging Important?

With the implementation of destination charging, EV drivers can travel much faster. This stems from vehicles being left to charge overnight which leaves vehicles with a full battery capacity to function with.

For tourists staying at hotels, this is completely beneficial. This means that an overnight stay at a hotel is coupled up with the refuelling of a vehicle, and prevents EV drivers from having to travel to additional fuelling stations after leaving the accommodation.

What Does Destination Charging Mean For Tourism?

EV infrastructure including destination charging stations has grown exponentially over the last few years. Tesla has played a vital role in this growth and has paved the way for doppelgänger technology to thrive.

With more stations in place than ever before, we’re seeing EV drivers feeling a lot more comfortable when it comes to travelling long distances.

Similarly to the boosted infrastructure, we’re seeing a rise in technology to accommodate the requirements of EV owners.

With the development of applications such as ZapMap, EV drivers can plan their travels prior to departure. This means that as time goes on, range anxiety is becoming less and less of a demotivating factor in the switch from ICE to EV.

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