How Portable EV Chargers Can Lower Our Carbon Footprint

Electric vehicle (EV) chargers are beginning to make a name for themselves across the country. EV charging units are a common sight in larger towns and cities nowadays, making a home for themselves at locations such as public car parks, supermarkets and restaurants. However, in off-grid locations and at events with mass gatherings, they aren’t as visible. Whether this is because connecting to the infrastructure is impractical or impossible, some locations tend to ignore the possibility of other EV charging solutions, such as portable chargers.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we deploy portable electric charging points to destinations and events across the UK, helping EV drivers get connected and decrease their range anxiety. Our electric car chargers can suit any make or model, and are perfect for helping the EV surge. Portable battery storage chargers are the answer to the EV conundrum, so why haven’t events and off-grid locations taken notice?

Transport: The Biggest Contributor to Climate Change

Transport alone contributes to one-fifth of the globe’s carbon emissions, making it the guiltiest culprit for climate change. People travel via transport almost every day; they drive to work, catch the bus to town and even fly abroad every year, pumping tonnes and tonnes of carbon emissions into the air. One of the most popular reasons why people tend to avoid electric vehicles is the worry that they will run out of charge quickly. By providing portable EV charging units to destinations and events, we can cut these emissions down and race towards a greener future.

People think that, to charge an electric car, you need to be connected to the infrastructure. Due to the disruption caused, these electric charging points are often left out of event organiser’s plans. With portable battery storage chargers, you can rent your fleet to charge as many electric vehicles as necessary. Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we even provide a concierge service to ensure your chargers are working as optimally as possible. 

Strategically Placed Across the Country

EV charging units that are connected to the grid can be commonly found in large cities and motorway service stations. There are some challenges as to where they can be placed, as connecting to the grid is either impossible or impractical in some places. Take the Lake District, for example. You’ll find one every now and again, but they won’t be in abundance like they would be in cities such as London or Birmingham. Events such as music festivals and air shows are annual events and often don’t see the benefit. Luckily, this is where portable chargers come in.

Battery storage chargers need no connection to the grid; they can simply be placed next to the vehicle, connect to the car, and start charging. They can also support any existing infrastructure, helping all guests get connected and attracting more eco-conscious clientele. By providing more options to charge, drivers will be more inclined to opt for an electric vehicle, thus decreasing the devastating impacts of carbon emissions on the environment. 

How We Can Help

The charging infrastructure is growing in size, much to our delight as we look towards a greener future. However, range anxiety is still a growing concern for drivers, and isn’t easily taken away by excessive chargers in cities. Long journeys can be nerve-wracking, and there’s a common misconception shared that electric cars aren’t cut out for these trips. With portable EV charging units, you can keep everyone connected, no matter where they are, increasing the sales of EVs.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we provide EV charging units to destinations and events across the country. To find out more about our services, or to receive a quote, please give us a call on 0800 702 2261. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form.