How Do Portable Electric Car Chargers Work?

How do you solve a problem like range anxiety? It affects many EV drivers; unsure if they will make the journey home. However, this can easily be managed with the inclusion of portable electric car chargers in your weekly driving routine.

But, how exactly do these portable EV chargers work? They may appear like a small carry on bag, yet they are reliable sources of on-the-go charge. Find out all you need to know here.


How Do Portable EV Chargers Work?

When compared to public charging, the bank’s battery can be charged at home or anywhere using a conventional household outlet at a reduced cost per kWh of electricity. Users then wheel it to where they’ve parked their EV and plug it into the charging socket, using the retractable handle.

The charging cable is secured to a car with a lock to prevent thieves from stealing it. It’s also quite safe to leave outside in the rain.

High energy density lithium-ion battery cells and accompanying power electronics are found inside the power bank. A bi-directional AC-DC inverter allows for two-way charging – from the grid to the unit and from the unit to the grid – allowing the power bank to store cheap off-peak energy and feed it back into the grid at peak times.


Why Should EV Drivers Consider a Portable Charger?

Some may suggest installing home charging points, however, what happens when this is not possible? Around 40% of households in the UK do not have allocated off-street parking, accounting for approximately 8.5 million properties. This is especially true for electric vehicle users, who must either devise inventive ways to charge their vehicles outside their homes and apartments or rely on the current limited public charging network. 

Portable electric car chargers are ideal in these situations. EV drivers should not have to rely on public charging stations; where there may be long waiting times and only level 2 chargers available. Instead, why not use a mobile charger, where you as the driver, can choose where to charge your vehicle and for how long. All without worrying about drivers waiting for you. 

It alleviates range anxiety by providing a top-up charge for another local journey, or by allowing the car to safely reach a DC fast-charger if a larger charge is required for a longer trip.


The Benefits of Renting a Mobile Charger

In certain circumstances, it can be better to hire a mobile charger, rather than buy. For example, on holidays or trips away, it is more sustainable to hire an electric car, rather than a fossil-fuelled vehicle. However, in other locations, you might be unaware of the charging station network and a portable EV charger would come in handy. This way, you can use the mobile charger when and where you want, then return it along with the car; becoming cost-effective.

Also, certain arenas or events do not yet have public charging points available. And, if they do, there are only a few charge points accessible. Whereas, renting a charger for a certain point ensures your vehicle will remain fully charged and not have to worry about fighting for a space. Ideal for music festivals or sporting events.


Elite Electric Vehicle

Here at Elite EV Charge, we offer a wide range of services for portable electric car chargers. As the world moves towards more carbon-neutral solutions, help the planet out by lowering its carbon footprint. One charger at a time. Portable EV chargers are a great way to ensure this sustainability, while catering to the EV owner’s needs also.

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