How Easy is it to Hack an EV Charging Station?

Charging stations are very similar to a standard computer, including a Main Board and card reader for drivers to identify themselves. This is so there is a control function to deal out electricity to different cars, without the system frying. However, due to this, there are certain ways attackers may hack an EV charging station. We are not saying every charging station will get hacked, but there are risks that EV drivers should be aware of.  


How Can Attackers Hack an EV Charging Station?

Typically, the computer will be protected behind a panel on the EV charging point. However, what if a hacker simply opens this panel? Then, they will have access to all the components and if they know what they are doing, can easily from this point, reverse-engineer the hardware. This could lead to accessing private information from the card reader, which the driver will use when paying.

Also, as in most cases, an EV charging station will have a large number of points all connected. This is just easy pickings for a hacker, as this can be intercepted. Attackers can then find out information on who is charging their cars and their payment information. This could lead to a variety of crimes, including Denial-of-Service (DoS), identity or financial theft.


Recent Hacking Events

2022 seemingly has been the year for hackers to attack EV charging stations; with the incidents heavily publicised. Back in March, with Russia invading Poland, tensions were rising throughout Europe; unsure if we were entering World War 3. As a result of this, EV charging stations, that were built by a Ukrainian company, were hacked with Russian slander; including the phrases “Glory to Ukraine and Death to the Enemy”. 

Most recently, public chargers in the Isle of Wight were hacked with graphic images. Instead of showing their website, an alternative site was instead linked that was inappropriate and may have upset EV drivers. 

These incidents show that hacking is not uncommon for an EV charging station. Drivers should feel safe when leaving their car; feeling secure that their information will remain private. However, this is not the only charging solution. 


Portable EV Chargers

Portable EV chargers offer safe charging solutions, with drivers gaining full control. Unlike an EV charging solution, these chargers are safe to use and cost-effective. As you will have already paid for the portable EV charger, meaning you will not have to put any payment information into the system. This way you are ensuring a hacker cannot access any card details. Instead, the EV driver can find a suitable location and charge their vehicle in peace.


Elite Electric Vehicle

At Elite, we offer EV charging services for both temporary and permanent purposes for electric cars across the UK. There are many situations where portable EV chargers are largely more valuable than going to a public EV charging station or installing a home point. Don’t rely on unsafe connections. Having your own charger means that you, as the driver, gets to decide where and when to charge your vehicle; all on a secluded network.  

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