How EV Charging Points Can Benefit Your Wedding

But, it’s not just public events that can benefit from EV charging points. Weddings come in a range of shapes and sizes. For EV drivers, there may be a concern about what happens after the “I dos”. Mainly, whether they will have enough charge to make it home. 

Considering an EV Charging Point For Your Wedding?

That’s why organisers and wedding venues should consider hiring EV charging points that can be utilised throughout the event by guests, employees and the wedding party. 

Remain Charged in Off-Grid Locations

In the UK, there are hundreds and thousands of wedding venues across the country. These include woodland areas and beautiful locations in remote places such as the Lake District. However, although the photos will have incredible scenery, this also means a lack of public chargers. If your wedding guests drive an electric vehicle, they may start to worry that they will run out of charge and will not have enough to make the journey back.


Consider hiring electric vehicle chargers. As they are portable, they do not require to be plugged into the grid. They have their own source of electrical supply and can operate anywhere they are set up. 

Destination Charging

Also, for off-grid locations, there is a high chance some of the wedding party will be staying overnight. Especially if the wedding venue provides a deal for the event and a select number of rooms. Plus, if you are throwing a roaring wedding reception, chances are your guests may have to stay overnight due to an excessive amount of drinking.


Destination charging should be utilised for electric vehicles in this situation. This involves overnight charging at a venue, where drivers can charge their vehicle whilst staying over at portable EV charging points. Then, in the morning, they will have sufficient charge to make the hungover journey home. Venues should consider this, especially if they host several weddings throughout the year. Find out more about destination charging here.


When it comes to an event, EV drivers may be concerned about going due to the lack of EV charging points available. Using ZapMap, they can find what chargers are available around the event and if there is an insufficient number, this might put them off from attending.


Why not state on your wedding invitations that there will be EV charging points available? Hiring electric vehicle chargers may encourage more of your guests to attend, highlighting that they are catered for throughout the event.  

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

With the 2030 ban approaching, more and more drivers are converting to electric vehicles. One of the main benefits of this is that it promotes carbon-free driving solutions and helps lower the planet’s carbon footprint.


A wedding can be costly to not just the couple’s bank account but to the environment as well. For example, a combination of excessive lighting, confetti and fireworks and vast electrics can affect the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere. So, consider electric vehicle chargers. This way, you are promoting more environmentally friendly driving that helps make up for other aspects of the wedding.

Elite EV Charge

At Elite, our team of experts can deploy and set up portable EV charging points at your wedding. After the ceremony is over, we provide a concierge service throughout your rental and take away the chargers at the end. It’s your big day. So, let us worry about the EV points. We will ensure that the EV charging points are running efficiently to ensure you and your guests remain fully charged throughout your event.

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